Ninja BL660 vs. Ninja BL610: Professional Countertop Blender Comparison

The Ninja BL660 and Ninja BL610 are among the highest rated blenders in the market today. Featuring state of the art pulverizing technology thanks to total crushing blades with high motor power of 1000 watts or more, these two devices are the real deal when it comes to preparing a wide range of drinks, sauces, and mixtures. They are regarded as mid-range blenders, but they still offer the same high performance as high-end models. They are therefore the less costly alternatives to reputable brands, such as Vitamix and Blendtec. They are called “Ninja” that has to stand for something, right?

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Motor Power

Ninja Pro BL660
The performance of a blender depends entirely on the power of the motor. How do you know the power of the blender? By simply looking at the wattage of the motor- the higher the wattage, the more powerful the blender. The BL660 is very powerful with 1100 watts of motor power. In a few seconds, you can pulverize any ingredients including ice, which is easily converted to snow by the extra sharp blades.

Ninja Pro BL610
At 1000 watts of motor power, the BL610 motor is not as powerful as the BL660. However, it is far above its peers in the same price range. It can also crush ice, pulverize frozen veggies and work through any ingredients with ease thanks to a combo of a powerful motor and total crushing blades. The two blenders also feature non-slip base, which prevents lurching and movements of the blenders during operation.

Conclusion: Both machines are very powerful and far outperform other mid-range blenders. It is worth noting however that the two are very noisy, which is to be expected since the two motors are very powerful. The noise levels vary with the type of ingredients. For instance, both blenders will be noisier when crushing ice than when pulverizing vegetables.

Speed and Program Settings

Ninja Pro BL660
This blender features three-speed settings: 1 for low, 2 for medium and 3 for high, which you can utilize to prepare any smoothie or frozen drink. The three-speed settings run continuously until you turn them off, which is very convenient if you are preparing large amounts of drinks. Also, it includes a pulse button that must be pressed during operation and a single serve button that allows you to prepare single cups of drinks only.

Ninja BL610
This blender also features an easy to operate digital control panel with one-touch buttons. It has three operation modes: low, medium and high speeds that you can take advantage of to prepare whichever smoothies, sauces or drinks you want. It also includes a pulse function, which allows you to take control of the blending by just a tip of your finger.

Conclusion: You will enjoy three-speed settings plus the pulse function with either blender. Besides, the Ninja BL660 has a single serve function that works with smaller batches of ingredients, which is very convenient if you do not want to go through the trouble of preparing a whole pitcher.


Ninja Pro BL660
When it comes to capacity, this machine does not disappoint. It comes with an extra large pitcher with a maximum capacity of 72 ounces that is bound to meet all your blending needs. If that is not all, the pitcher has a lid with an attached spigot that allows you to pour the drink without removing the lid. Besides, the BL660 also contains the single serve assembly, which consists of two 16oz Ninja cups with to-go lids and a single serve blade assembly.

Blending with the single serve function is very simple. After you fit all your ingredients in the Ninja cup, you close it tightly with the single serve blade assembly. You then install it upside down with the blade assembly fitted on the power base. The last step is to use the single serve button to blend. The cups can double as to-go containers, which you can carry anywhere. Just ensure they are tightly closed to prevent the drinks from spilling. You can also use a straw for drinking directly through the cup lids.

Ninja BL610
The BL610 is equally large with a maximum capacity of 72oz. it is the perfect blender for preparing large batches of smoothies, frozen drinks and delicious sauces for the entire family. The large pitcher also includes measurements for multiple servings that are in the form of ounces and cups. You can use it to prepare smaller batches.

Conclusion: With a capacity of 72oz, the two blenders can comfortably serve a large family. Both pitchers contain measurements in terms of ounces and cups that make it possible to prepare whichever amount of smoothie you want from one cup to 9 cups. The BL660 goes a step further by including two ninja cups that double as single-serve pitchers and to-go cups.


Ninja Pro BL660
Unlike most blenders which feature blades at the base of the pitcher, the BL660 features a unique blade assembly. Running from the top of the blender to the bottom is a plastic pylon that is interposed by three 2-prong steel blades. What is amazing is that the blades can be removed for cleaning. The single serve blade assembly does not include a plastic pylon, but only features a 6-prong stainless steel blade. In both cases, the blades are very sharp and are also rustproof.

Ninja BL610
This blender also includes the same six blade assembly, with two blades at the bottom, 2 in the middle and two at the top. The plastic pylon ensures the blades slice through the ingredients at the same time, which cuts both the blending time and energy costs. Aside from the power base, all the other components of the blender are dishwasher safe (including the blades), which is an easy cleaning option if you do not want to wash them manually.

Conclusion: The plastic pylon with the 6-blade assembly separates these two blenders from the rest. This unique blade assembly makes blending a simple affair that lasts only a few seconds.


The Ninja BL660 is the superior blender between the two. Apart from having more motor power, it also features the single serve assembly, which is very handy. The Ninja BL610 is also a higher performer and will give you more value than you pay for. They both receive our seal of approval.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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