iTouchless 13 Gallon vs. iTouchless SoftStep 13.2 Gallon: Trash Can Comparison

Who said you cannot dispose garbage in style? The iTouchless 13 Gallon and the iTouchless SoftStep 13.2 Gallon may be what you are looking for, if you want to take garbage disposal to a whole new level. Featuring elegant and sophisticated designs, these trash cans can be easily mistaken for some other high-tech appliances. If you think garbage collection is their only function, then you are so mistaken. These trash cans also include filters that eliminate odor, have antimicrobial properties and offer no-touch operation for hands-free convenience.

No-Touch Lid Operation

iTouchless 13 Gallons
As its name suggests, the iTouchless does not feature a pedal nor does it require you to touch it for the lid to open. Instead, it comes with an infrared sensor technology that automatically opens the lid when you approach it and then closes it when you walk away. The Reflx Touch-Free Sensor will only open the lid when your hands or debris are within the sensor zone, which is a six inch perimeter around the trash can.

The lid also does not close, unless you move your hands away from the sensor zone. The lid takes around 3 seconds to automatically close after you move away, which prevents the lid from snapping your fingers. As a backup plan, it also includes two front buttons for the open and close functions. In addition, it includes a unique lid status alert light. When the lid is open, there will be a solid green light; but when it is about to close, it will switch to a blinking red light.

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iTouchless SoftStep
The SoftStep also features a hands-free lid operation. It utilizes a durable and ergonomic pedal that requires very little effort to kick open the lid, which means that even a small kid can easily operate it. The lid gently and quietly closes as soon as you lift your leg from the pedal, which prevents accidents and allows for a noise-free convenience. The steel pedal is strong and durable and according to the manufacturer, it can outlive 200,000 steps which is more than 20 steps a day for more than 25 years.

It can therefore work comfortably in a high traffic environment, such as an office or a large home. Air dumpers fail over time for most step trash cans, which makes their lids shut noisily when the pedal is disengaged. The SoftStep is quite unique as it features a replaceable air dumper. You can therefore replace an old air dumper to enjoy the same level of performance of a new trash can. It also features the Stay-Open Mode, which allows you to peel vegetables with the lid open. You simply release the pedal and open the lid and it will remain open.

Conclusion: The fact that both trash cans can be operated without hands makes them very hygienic. The iTouchless 13 is more sophisticated, as it utilizes infrared sensor technology to open and close the lid. It also features open and close buttons for a more hands-on approach. Although the SoftStep is manually operated by a foot pedal, it has a replaceable air dumper that ensures the trash can operates as new even after a long time.


iTouchless 13 Gallons
A large dustbin takes away the inconvenience of having to empty it all the time. With a 13 Gallon capacity, the iTouchless is quite big and will meet all your disposal needs. It supports all types of plastic bags from regular garbage bags to large grocery bags. There is therefore no need to spend extra cash for those special custom garbage bags. It has an efficient design that can operate without an inner bucket, which further increases the capacity of this trash can. It also comes with a retainer ring that you can attach the bag to prevent it from falling inside. The opening lid is quite wide at 12” to fit bulky items.

iTouchless SoftStep
This trash can also fits standard 13 gallon trash bags. No need of investing in expensive custom bags, as this trash can works perfectly well with any type of garbage bags. It also features a removable inner bucket that makes taking garbage out a stress free affair. The Tuck & Hold bag lock strongly secures the bag to ensure that it does not collapse from the garbage weight thrown at it.

Conclusion: The two trash cans are very convenient, as they have large capacity to hold as much garbage as possible. The fact that they can both support any type of garbage bags makes them versatile and very reliable when it comes to cost cutting.

Odor Filter Features

iTouchless 13 Gallons
Why go through all the trouble of trying to mask garbage odor with fragrances or baking soda? The iTouchless utilizes a carbon filter gate (CFG), which uses activated carbon to completely neutralize all nasty odors. The first activated carbon filter is included in the packaging and it can be replaced every three months when it loses its capabilities. The deodorizer is also safe to use around pets and children, as it is non-scented and environmentally friendly.

iTouchless SoftStep
It also features an odor control system. The activated carbon filter absorbs all odors and ensures the house is always fresh and clean. The activated carbon filter lasts up to three month, before it needs replacement. Replacing the filter is as simple as just opening the gate, inserting the carbon filter and closing it up. It comes with one pre-installed filter to get you started.

Conclusion: Both trash cans use activated carbon filters to rid the house of all nasty odors. The carbon filters are also replaceable in both cases, which ensures that the house smells good all year round.

Ergonomic Design

iTouchless 13 Gallons
What separates this trash can from the rest is its stylish design. It is made up of brushed stainless steel that blends perfectly with any kitchen or office décor. It has an efficient cubic shape that easily fits in corners and tight spaces. The stainless steel body is fingerprint proof and very easy to clean and is also germ resistant. The iTouchless has two power options- it is either powered by an AC adapter or 4D size batteries. The 4D batteries are very durable and can last up to 1.5 years. It also features an energy saving mode that only draws power when needed, which cuts on energy costs.

iTouchless SoftStep
The SoftStep is also elegant and alluring with a polished stainless steel body, which can complement any type of décor. The body is also fingerprint proof and smudge resistant, which allows for easy cleaning. At the bottom of the base, it has rubber pads that prevent it from skidding, while at the back it has a carry handle that allows you to conveniently move it to whichever place you want.

Conclusion: Both trash cans feature elegant and aesthetic designs that will make your kitchen or office look stylish. They are also very easy to clean thanks to the fingerprint proof and smudge resistant stainless steel bodies.


The iTouchless 13 Gallon is the more sophisticated of the two with an infrared sensor technology that opens the lid automatically. The iTouchless SoftStep 13.2 Gallon may not have all the fancy features of the iTouchless 13, but it also offers high performance and we highly recommend it. It is also manually operated, so you will not incur energy or battery replacement costs.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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