Ninja CF080Z vs CF085Z vs CF091 vs CF112: Coffee Maker Comparison

This is the coffee maker to buy if you want to be your very own barista. Unlike other coffee makers that are really only good for one or two brewing methods, the Ninja Coffee Bar system gives you up to five different kinds of coffee. Whether you want iced coffee, a classic drip, or something in between, Ninja has it covered.

Ninja CF080Z vs CF085Z vs CF091 vs CF112: Coffee Maker Comparison

Ninja CF080Z Coffee Maker

Because these pack so much in one appliance, they can be a little larger than other coffee maker systems. Make sure you measure the space between your cabinets and counters to ensure you have the proper room needed to store your Ninja when not in use.

Depending on which model you purchase, the Ninja coffee bar system can be programmed to brew between a single serve cup and a whole pot. The line of Ninja brew systems has numerous built-in features to enhance your coffee making experience, from a built-in milk frother, a programmable warming plate, Auto IQ technology that allows the system to measure out the right amount of water for your drink, and Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology that gives you the right tasting drink every time.

Ninja CF085Z vs CF091 vs CF112 vs CF080Z: Coffee Maker Comparison

Ninja CF085Z Coffee Maker

All warming plates can be programmed to run in as little as 15 minutes or as long as 4 hours. It can be programmed to run automatically, or you can turn it off and on yourself.

Ninja coffee makers use cone-shaped, permanent mesh filters, but also give you the option of using paper filters as well. All Ninja systems (excepting the CF112) come with a carafe hold 43 ounces of liquid.

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Ninja CF080Z Coffee Maker

This model is budget-friendly, costing just a little over $100. It does lack some of the features that more expensive versions of the Ninja have, such as the built-in milk frother. It does come with a Ninja easy frother, though it doesn’t function on the same level as its counterpart.

This model measures 18.1” long, 16.8” wide, and 12.8” tall and weighs about 11 pounds.

The carafe is thermally insulated glass. It comes with an insulated tumbler as a little extra bonus. It can brew single servings or large batches of coffee.

The CF080Z lets your pause the brewing cycle in case you want to snag a cup without making a mess. You have a choice of four brews: classic, rich, specialty, and over ice. It doesn’t have the same brew sizes as other systems, lacking the XL and XL multi-serve style sizes.

Ninja CF080Z vs CF085Z vs CF091 vs CF112: Coffee Maker Comparison

Ninja CF085Z Coffee Maker

This is the model for those who don’t have much space to afford a large brewing system. Coming in at 18.5” long, 11.8” wide, 12” tall, and a mere 10 pounds, it is the smallest Ninja system available.

Its small size means it lacks the built-in milk frother. It does still come with the easy frother and nifty tumbler like the CF080Z.

It can brew four sizes (not XL) and the standard four brew settings. The CF085Z saturates the coffee grounds before brewing and has a temperature control setting for the water, setting it apart from the other brewers in the Ninja line.

You can program the CF085Z to begin brewing at a certain time.

Ninja CF085Z vs CF091 vs CF112 vs CF080Z: Coffee Maker Comparison

Ninja CF091 Coffee Maker

This system can make single serve or large batches of coffee. It is made from thermally insulated glass that keeps your hot drinks hot and your iced drinks cold. It measures 9.21” deep, 11.96” wide, and 15” tall.

The CF091 has a built-in automated milk frother (makes hot or cold foam), a system that alerts you when it needs to be cleaned, and a delay timer.

This system has five settings for brewing whatever coffee you feel like enjoying at the moment: classic, rich, cafe forte, specialty, and over ice. It has 6 cup sizes to choose from. The cafe forte and specialty brew size settings can’t be adjusted, however.

Ninja CF091 vs CF112 vs CF080Z vs CF085Z: Coffee Maker Comparison

Ninja CF112 Coffee Maker

This model is a single serve coffee maker that is budget-friendly while still maintaining some of the features that make Ninja coffee brewers so neat.

It’s one of the larger models of the Ninja line, weighing in at 12 pounds. It measures 12.2” long, 11” wide, and 16.3” tall. Since it functions as a single serve machine, it lacks a carafe, but it does come with the hot/cold tumbler.

This model does come with the built-in hot/cold milk frother. In addition to the four brew settings that most Ninja systems have, the CF112 comes with the cafe forte setting. It can brew six different sizes including XL cups.

Ninja CF112 vs CF080Z vs CF085Z vs CF091: Coffee Maker Comparison

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