Hamilton Beach 49980A vs. BLACK+DECKER DLX1050B: Coffee Makers

Hamilton Beach 49980A vs. BLACK+DECKER DLX1050B

A coffee maker is the answer to a quick and stress free cup of coffee for the mornings and any other time of the day. In this article we feature two 12-cup programmable coffeemakers, the Hamilton Beach 49980A versus the BLACK+DECKER DLX1050B. The two coffee makers are super easy to use with programmable soft-touch digital panels that ensure your coffee making session is as smooth as possible. The Hamilton Beach 49980A also boasts of the 2-way brewing option, while the Black-Decker DLX1050B includes the Sneak-A-Cup, a brew pause function.

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Brewing Options

Hamilton Beach 49980A
This brewer offers two brewing options that will cater to your different needs. If you want to enjoy cup after cup, without going through the trouble of brewing each time, then you can just brew a full pot at once. Otherwise, you can brew a cup each time you need a coffee shot in your system with the single serve feature. It also includes an automatic pause and serve feature, which allows you to pour a cup from the carafe, while the brewing process is still in progress.

BLACK+DECKER DLX1050B vs. Hamilton Beach 49980A

Black-Decker DLX1050B
The DLX1050B offers one brewing option that allows you to brew a whole pot at once. However, it also includes the Sneak-A-cup feature which gives you the go ahead to enjoy a cup before the brewing process is completed. This feature stops the flow of coffee temporarily to prevent making a mess, which allows you to dislodge the carafe and pour the first cup of coffee for yourself. It will then proceed with the brewing once you install the carafe back.

Conclusion: Both brewers have the ability to pause the brewing and stop the coffee flow to allow you enjoy a cup of coffee, before resuming with the process. In addition, the Hamilton Beach 49980A includes a special single serve station that brews a single cup only.

Hamilton Beach 49980A

Capacity and Water reservoir

Hamilton Beach 49980A
With a maximum capacity of 12 cups, this brewer can serve a large family comfortably. It comes with two water reservoirs, one for the carafe and the other for the single serve. The main water reservoir (for the carafe) has a considerably large capacity and has markings for different brew cups. The minor reservoir (for the single serve) has a standard size and requires one time filling. The glass carafe also includes markings for different brew cups.

Black-Decker DLX1050B
This brewer has a single brew station that includes a 12 cup carafe and a water reservoir. The water reservoir also has a 12-cup maximum capacity with markings on its front facing window. It features a water level indicator that is very handy, as it keeps you abreast of the amount of water that is available in the reservoir.

Conclusion: The two brewers can brew the same amount of coffee. With the aid of markings on the water reservoirs, which translate to number of coffee cups brewed, you can brew from 2 cups to 12 cups with either device. The Hamilton Beach 49980A however has a separate single-serve station that includes a separate water reservoir, which brews one cup at a time.



Hamilton Beach 49980A
Measuring the right amount of coffee grounds is not easy, which is why this device comes with a mesh filter that is fitted into the brew basket. Fill the mesh filter directly with the grounds, select your preferred coffee settings and watch this device automatically perform its magic. It also includes a pot holder that supports coffee pods of any brand, which is very rare for coffee makers. You can therefore experiment with whichever flavors you want and this brewer will still provide a stellar beverage. Using the brew strength selector, you can select from the two brew settings, Regular or Bold to prepare the perfect coffee beverage each time.

Black-Decker DLX1050B
For maximum extraction of flavors, nutrients and oils, this device makes use of disposable filters made from special grade paper. The filter basket is removable, which allows for easy cleaning. While the Black-Decker does not support pods, it heats water to the optimal brewing temperature that is ideal for extraction of all flavors.

Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Maker

Conclusion: The two brewers feature different filter systems. The Black-Decker DLX1050B utilizes special grade disposable filter paper that captures most of the oils. The DLX1050B therefore produces a lighter drink that is clean to the cup. The Hamilton Beach 49980A on the other hand utilizes a reusable mesh filter, which retains all the oils and nutrients in the cup. As a result, it produces a denser drink that is dirty to the cup. The 49980A also supports all types of coffee pods, which means that it produces a wide range of beverages.


Hamilton Beach 49980A
Operating this device is easy with a digital control panel that also features an LED display. It includes hour and minute buttons that program the brewing time and a lever that switches between the single cup and the full 12-cup functions. With the programmable clock and timer, you can program it to brew at a specific time. This duration can last up to 24 hours, which means that you can have a goodnight sleep and still wake up to a wonderful cup of coffee each day.

Black-Decker DLX1050B
With soft touch buttons and easy to grasp digital controls, the DLX1050B is also programmable. Utilizing the hour and minute buttons plus the 24-hour auto brew function, you can program it to always brew coffee whenever you want it to. It also includes an “on” indicator light and an LED display that keeps you in the loop when the machine is in operation.

Conclusion: Both brewers feature digital control buttons that you can use to set the brew time, even 24 hours in advance. This is very convenient in the mornings, as it simplifies the wake-up routine. Instead of wasting valuable time brewing coffee in the morning, you can program it at night and just wake up to a fresh cup of coffee each morning.

BLACK+DECKER DLX1050B Coffee Maker

Extra Features

Hamilton Beach 49980A
The 49980A has a 2-hour automatic shutoff feature. So, if you are busy running late and you forget to switch it off, no problem. It will turn off automatically after 2 hours. It also features a keep-hot warming plate on the carafe side that ensures your pot of coffee is just at the right temperature at any time of the day. In addition, it features a multilevel cup rest (on the single serve station) that adjusts to different heights to accommodate different cup and mug sizes.

Black-Decker DLX1050B
This Black-Decker model also features a 2-hour auto shutoff function for purposes of safety and energy conservation. It also features a nonstick warming plate that saves you the trouble of reheating the coffee, which may affect the taste and flavors of the coffee.

Hamilton Beach 49980A Review

Conclusion: They both include safety and energy conserving features, which is very commendable. They also include nonstick warming plates, which makes it easy to clean coffee messes by just a simple wipe with a wet cloth.


The Hamilton Beach 49980A is the de facto winner, since it features two serve stations, one for the single-serve and the other for the full 12-cup servings. Also, the fact that it supports all types of coffee pods makes it convenient, as you can basically brew any type of coffee. The Black-Decker DLX1050B is also a great appliance that will definitely give you value for your money, but it falls short when compared to the Hamilton Beach 49980A.


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