Best Vacuum Insulated Tumbler: Drinks for on the Go

If you go online, today, and you type in the words “vacuum insulated tumbler”, you’re going to find quite a few different results. There are so many vacuum insulated tumblers on the market today, with so many different brands and unique specifications and features, that finding the best one is not always the easiest, or most enjoyable, process.

Finding the best vacuum insulated tumbler that allows you to drink your beverages at any time, while ensuring that the drink remains at the ideal temperature, isn’t an easy process, and this is because there are simply too many choices out there. Too many choices for one person to be able to be look through and determine which one is the best for them.

Along with that, there are also a lot of unique specifications and attributes that comprise a vacuum insulated tumbler. If you are unfamiliar with the specifications or the attributes, and what they actually mean and correspond to, then this simply adds another layer of complexity, not to mention difficulty, to the entire process of searching for the best vacuum insulated tumbler.

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In this buying guide, we’re going to be looking at the best vacuum insulated tumblers. However, we’re not going to be looking at specific vacuum insulated tumblers that you can find online. Instead, we will be taking a look at the various qualities and attributes that make a vacuum insulated tumbler fantastic. And, using this information, you will be able to determine which vacuum insulated tumbler is the best one for you. There are a lot of options, so this information is quite valuable, and will make the entire process of searching for the best vacuum insulated tumbler significantly easier.

However, before we dive into this individual traits and qualities, we’re going to define what a vacuum insulated tumbler is, and what the “best vacuum insulated tumbler” would be, so that you have a good understanding of what the ultimate goal should be, when you take this information and apply it.

What Is A Vacuum Insulated Tumbler?

A tumbler is a type of container that is designed to hold liquids of all sorts. Things like water and coffee, to give you two examples. But, tumblers can hold other types of liquids, as well. And, many people liken them to a thermos., or to a standard water bottle, even though they are a bit different.

Essentially, though, a tumbler is a type of container, not unlike a thermos or water bottle, that you can take with you, while driving or walking or jogging, and you can use this container to hold whatever liquid you intend to drink.

Here’s where things get interesting, though. So, the phrase “vacuum insulated” refers to a type of insulation that encompasses the tumbler. Insulation is used to retain the temperature of the liquid, so that, to give you an example, the coffee doesn’t become cold or somewhat lukewarm, or the water you intend to drink remains nice and cold. Insulation is used in homes, and it has been applied in a variety of different ways, for many different products.

Vacuum insulation is one of the most powerful and effective forms of insulation, for any tumbler, because it uses an enclosure that is gas-tight, which means it’s significantly more effective when it comes to keeping the temperature of the liquid intact, and then the core of the vacuum insulated panel has a rigid core, this rigid core ensures that all of the air is evacuated.

So, vacuum insulated tumblers are tumblers that have been insulated using vacuum insulated panels, and these panels are the most effective when it comes to keeping the temperature of your liquid intact. This means you can pour cold ice water into the vacuum insulated tumbler on a hot day, go for a run underneath the burning sun, an when you take a drink of that water, it will still be nice and cold.

What Are The Qualities And Aspects I Should Look?

In this part of the buying guide, we’re going to be looking over the main things that you are going to need to consider and think about, when searching for the best vacuum insulated tumbler. These are simple things, since vacuum insulated tumblers aren’t particularly complex, but these things are still, nevertheless, very important to remember.

What Size Of Vacuum Insulated Tumbler Do You Need?

To start off, this is a great question to ask. Every vacuum insulated tumbler is a little different, and this includes the size. Most of the time, when you’re looking at a vacuum insulated tumbler, you’ll find that the manufacturer offers a couple of sizes. Sizes such as 20 and 30 ounce vacuum insulated tumblers, because that is a very common range. Other times, the range is larger, or smaller. In the end, it really does depend on what type of vacuum insulated tumbler you are buying.

What you need to consider is the size that will work best for you. If you intend to fill the tumbler up once, for the day, then a bigger one is definitely the best choice. If you don’t mind filling the tumbler up a couple of times a day, then a smaller one is a great choice.

Just remember, though, that if you are buying an especially high-quality vacuum insulated tumbler, the bigger the size, the more it’s going to cost, generally speaking.

Are They Dishwasher Safe?

Many vacuum insulated tumblers aren’t actually dishwasher safe. For some, this is an annoyance, since cleaning out a vacuum insulated tumbler, while certainly not a difficult process, can be a bit tedious. For those people, make sure you buy a vacuum insulated tumbler that you can wash in the dishwasher.

What Is The Body Of The Vacuum Insulated Tumbler Like?

Every liquid is contained within the body of the vacuum insulated tumbler. On the outside, you will be holding onto the tumbler, and it’s important that the body of the vacuum insulated tumbler has been designed in a way that makes it easy for you to hold.

Most vacuum insulated tumblers are made out of stainless steel, and this is a pretty good material, because it’s easy to grasp onto and it doesn’t lead to your hands sticking, due to the sweat. But, it’s best to find a vacuum insulated tumbler that has what’s known as a “No Sweat Design” since it will make actually holding the vacuum insulated tumbler a lot easier, and usually, vacuum insulated tumblers with this type of design are also dishwasher safe.

How Long Can It Keep Your Drinks Cool – Or Warm?

If you go online and start to look at all of the different vacuum insulated tumblers that are out there, you’re going to realize that there are a lot manufacturers talking about the type of insulation that they are using and what it consists of, but very few of them seem to talk about how long it actually keeps the drinks you are putting in it cool – or warm, for that matter.

Now, this isn’t particularly great, because having this information is very useful, since you will then be able to determine whether or not the vacuum insulated tumbler is good for you, or not.

Most of the time, as mentioned, this information isn’t readily available on the store page. So, the best thing to do is to go online and type in the name of the vacuum insulated tumbler that you are curious about, and then to look up the reviews. Many of these reviews will provide the length of time that these vacuum insulated tumblers are able to keep your drinks cool, and warm. Along with that, some manufacturers do provide this information.

How Durable Is The Vacuum Insulated Tumbler?

Durability is important for two reasons. First off, it ensures that the vacuum insulated tumbler actually lasts for longer than a few months. Second, it also ensures that the process of keeping your beverages at the ideal temperature – the vacuum insulation part of the vacuum insulated tumbler – is adequate.

You can find this information on the store page, usually, and when you’re looking at that information, you should be looking at the vacuum insulated tumblers that offer something known as “double wall insulation”, because this type of insulation is the best at keeping your drinks at the right temperature, while also ensuring that if you drop the tumbler, it won’t break or crack.

As for the ideal material, stainless steel is used quite a bit, and over the years, it has proven to be one of the strongest and most effective materials for vacuum insulated tumblers.


Finding the best vacuum insulated tumbler is not a difficult process. When you are looking for the best one, just keep the factors we’ve mentioned in mind, and ask those questions about the vacuum insulated tumbler. If you do that, you won’t have any problems finding the best vacuum insulated tumbler for yourself.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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