Purchasing a good filtered water dispenser is one of the best purchases you can make. With a good filtered water dispenser, you have an easy and efficient way of filtering the water that you are drinking, ensuring that it isn’t full of nasty germs and other particles that you really shouldn’t be ingesting. Along with that, however, a good filtered water dispenser is also a convenient and easy way to get a glass of good drinking water, at any time. There’s a reason why these types of dispensers are so common in offices and waiting rooms, among many other places.

In today’s buying guide, we’re going to be looking at filtered water dispensers, and you’re going to learn all about them. More specifically, though, we’re not going to be talking about any particular filtered water dispenser, because there are a lot of amazing filtered water dispensers and we don’t really have the space to talk about those, instead, we’re going to be talking about the features and attributes that you must be aware of and consider, when searching for the best filtered water dispenser.

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Every filtered water dispenser is a little different, and they each include different features and different attributes. These features and attributes add up to a unique experience with whatever filtered water dispenser that you buy.

Just as every filtered water dispenser is different, everyone’s a little different, too. Everyone has their own needs, desires, and preferences, when it comes to the type of filtered water dispenser that they want, and the features and attributes that such a filtered water dispenser possesses.

That is why, instead of looking at specific filtered water dispensers, we’re going to take a look at the specific attributes that comprise a filtered water dispenser, and then you will learn the variations of those features and attributes that you can find in filtered water dispensers.

Before we dive into those things, though, we’re going to give you a quick definition of what a good filtered water dispenser should be doing, so that you have a better idea of what to look for and what is, generally speaking, important.

What Does a Good Filtered Water Dispenser Do?

A filtered water dispenser is a very simple device, and it really only has two specific functions. The first is that of taking the water that you put into the dispenser, and filtering all of the nasty particles and germs out of it. Most water is pretty gross, in actuality, and there are a lot of things in your water – especially your tap water – that really should not be in there. So, a filtered water dispenser removes those nasty particles and all of the grime and gunk that is within your water.

The second thing that a filtered water dispenser does is it gives you an easy and convenient way of pouring yourself a glass of clean water, in no time at all. Ultimately, the convenience and ease-of-use of a water dispenser is the most notable quality that you will find, and that you must consider, in a good filtered water dispenser.

What Do I Need To Consider?

When searching for the best filtered water dispenser, there are a couple of key aspects that are going to affect your experience with that filtered water dispenser the most. Filtered water dispensers are not particularly complex devices, so there aren’t too many things that need to be considered thoroughly, but there are still things it is important to remember and think about.

How Big Is The Filtered Water Dispenser?

For most people, this is going to be a big consideration. Filtered water dispensers actually vary quite a bit, when it comes to their size. You can find filtered water dispensers of all sorts. Filtered water dispensers that are large, with big water capacities, that take up the entire corner of a room, and you can find filtered water dispensers that are able to sit on a table or countertop easily, not taking up too much room at all.

When you consider the size of the filtered water dispenser, it’s important to consider the overall size of the dispenser, and where you are going to be putting it, as well. Arguably, that second consideration is more important, since if you are going to be putting the filtered water dispenser in a smaller space, you will need to find one that can fit into that space, and vice versa. So, make sure you are aware of the size of filtered water dispenser that you actually need, and the specific section of your home that you will be putting it in, and then pay attention to the measurements of the filtered water dispensers that you are looking at.

What Kinds Of Settings Does The Filtered Water Dispenser Offer?

As the technology behind filtered water dispensers has grown and develop, the types of features and settings that they offer have grown more and more elaborate and complex. As a result of this, you now have all kinds of filtered water dispensers that offer you a wide array of different ways to cool and heat the water, as well as various filtration settings.

You’ll find that the filtered water dispensers that offer the most elaborate settings – things like giving you the ability to control the individual temperature of the water, and being able to cool and heat it – tend to be more expensive than the filtered water dispensers that offer fewer settings, or settings that aren’t as comprehensive and elaborate.

When searching for a good filtered water dispenser, it’s important that you think about the kind of water that you want to drink, and whether or not you would like to have the options that these particular settings bring, or if you are fine with having fewer settings, settings that are significantly less elaborate than the ones you will find on the more expensive filtered water dispensers.

If you have very specific needs for how your water is heated or cooled, it’s probably worth it to buy the more expensive, but elaborate, filtered water dispenser.

What Other Features Does The Filtered Water Dispenser Offer?

We’ve seen so many unique developments and advancements with this technology, that it isn’t exactly uncommon for filtered water dispensers to now include a variety of smaller features that may not always be the most useful or practical, but they still add something to the overall experience.

You can find a lot of filtered water dispensers that also have an “ice maker” feature. This feature is really nice because instead of having to put the ice into the freezer, you can simply press a button and you can have your own ice, in no time at all. However, if you already have a freezer that has an ice maker feature, then this is probably not something you really need or would actually care about.

Another feature that a lot of filtered water dispensers are adding has to do with using the filtered water dispenser as a water dispenser for your pets water bowl, while also dispensing your water, as well.

Dogs and cats like drinking good, clean water, and with a good filtered water dispenser, they are able to do just that. Many of these filtered water dispensers have features that enable you to set a timer for when the bowl is refilled – it needs to be placed underneath the filtered water dispenser, in a special spot where the bowl can be properly refilled – as well as a button that your dog or cat can push, to refill the water. To prevent things from becoming messy, these filtered water dispensers – most of them, that is, but not all – have a sensor that detects when the bowl is there. If the bowl isn’t there then the bowl can’t be refilled.

How Much Does The Filtered Water Dispenser Cost?

In the end, it comes down to cost. You’re going to find that filtered water dispensers vary a bit, when it comes to how much they cost. You will find filtered water dispensers that cost around $100, and then you will find filtered water dispensers that cost as much as $450.

Ultimately, this depends on the amount of features that the filtered water dispenser possesses. If it possesses all kinds of different settings and customization features, as well as things like an ice maker and various pet-friendly features, then it’s going to be a lot more expensive than the more basic filtered water dispensers that only consist of the basic features, and not much else. This isn’t to imply that those filtered water dispensers with the more basic features are somehow “worse” than the ones with more features, but you do need to consider your needs and desires, and your budget, when looking at all of these filtered water dispensers.


Filtered water dispensers are convenient devices that are incredibly useful! Finding a good one isn’t that hard, since there are so many options. And, by following the guide we’ve laid out, you will have a very easy time finding the right filtered water dispenser for yourself!

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