Coffee Makers with Grinder Built In Reviews

There is something special about freshly ground coffee. Apart from the fact that it tastes better than pre-ground coffee, it also has all the flavors and nutrients. Roasted coffee beans retain all their nutrients for up to three weeks, while ground coffee can only retain them for thirty minutes.

best coffee maker with grinder

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While pre-ground coffee is still great in its own way, it cannot be compared to freshly ground coffee even in the least bit. So, if you have been an ardent consumer of pre-ground coffee, you don’t know what you have been missing out.

Coffee enthusiasts know that the secret of having a perfect mug of coffee relies on the freshness of the coffee beans. They should be ground just before they are brewed to have the perfect blend of smooth, satisfying taste. For this to be possible, however, you have to own a coffee maker with grinder built-in.

Why you need a coffee maker with grinder built-in

They are very convenient. You do not need to purchase a grinder for you to enjoy fresh coffee. Once you fill them with the coffee beans, they automatically grind and brew them. Owning a grinder may not be the best idea, because some grinders cannot give you fine, consistent grounds.

Furthermore, exposing freshly ground coffee to air before transferring them to the coffee maker may lead to loss of aromas and flavors. Remember, it only takes thirty minutes before they lose all their flavors. Most grinders can only grind small amounts of coffee at a time. This can be hectic and tiresome, especially if you want to brew a lot of coffee.

coffee maker with grinder reviews

How does a built-in grinder work?

The first step is to feed the bean hopper of the grinder with the right amount of coffee beans. The next step is to fine tune it to grind the coffee beans to the size of your choice. You then select the brew strength- it can be mild, moderate or strong. Lastly, you have to specify the volume or the number of coffee cups you want, before you can begin the brewing process.

What is the maximum amount of coffee I can make?

The maximum amount of coffee you can make depends entirely on the water storage capacity of the coffee maker. Some have 10-cup, while others have a 12 cup storage capacity. You are however not restricted to brew all the water in the tank at a go. You may brew a few cups, some have two cups as the minimum, and others have one. If however you want a full tank brew and the water is less, a water tank symbol will flash to indicate to you to add water.

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What if I want to store freshly brewed coffee without losing the flavors

The secret to keeping your hot coffee for several hours, without losing its flavors, is having the right carafe. Subjecting your coffee to more heat will make it lose its flavors. So to avoid that you need a nicely insulated carafe. Avoid the ones made of glass, because they tend to lose heat quickly. Choose coffee makers with stainless steel carafes, as most of them have thermal wall casing on the inside.

What if I’m not in the mood for freshly ground coffee?

Most of the coffee makers with built-in grinders also have functionality that supports pre-ground coffee. If you are not in the mood for fresh coffee, then turn off the grinder. Load it with pre-ground coffee and the machine will start the brewing process.

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How do I clean the grinder?

While brewing coffee is a walk in the park/piece of cake, cleaning the coffee maker is the real challenge. Most of the parts of the coffee maker do not require actual washing, including the grinder. This is to avoid the machine coming into contact with water, which may damage it. They just need to be wiped by a clean wet cloth. The cloth should be thoroughly rinsed when wiping the grinder to avoid damaging the grinder motor. The only parts that require washing are the removable parts, such as the carafe, filter basket, and basket holder.

Any safety measures

There are several safety measures you should ensure are put in place before you purchase a coffee maker. The first one is that it should have an automatic shut-off feature, just in case you forget to switch it off. Also, it should have a water purification system. Some of the best coffee makers have a charcoal water filter function that purifies regular tap water from impurities like tiny dust particles and chlorine.

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