Giovanni Achille Gaggia revolutionized the coffee world in 1938 when he patented the first ever steamless coffee machine for his eatery in Milan. After World War II, he founded the world famous Gaggia company, bringing great tasting and expertly made Italian coffee to homes everywhere.

Gaggia Brera Review

Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine Review

This tradition stays strong thanks to products like the Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine. With an elegant stainless steel design, this compact appliance helps you create high quality coffees, lattes, and espressos from the comfort of your home.

Its simple interface and front loaded design makes the Gaggia Brera easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and easy-to-maintain.

The Pannarello Wand not only froths milk, but also dispenses hot water to create some of your favorite beverages. The Gaggia Breara’s rapid steam technology also allows this unit to quickly heat up the drinks while preserving that robust taste and aroma.

An intelligent combination of the Gaggia Adapting System and the Hoper and Bypass Doser learns your preferences so you can have great coffee that is always custom made to suit your personal preferences.

A Simple Interface Makes the Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine User Friendly

The Gaggia Brera might look like a beautiful vintage espresso machine that only an expert Italian barista would know how to use, but its technologically advanced design makes it very user-friendly. Its simple interface only has a few illuminated buttons, icons, and a LED screen that allows you create basic or custom drinks with ease.

Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine Review

Gaggia Brera

Front loaded, this unit’s dreg box, water tank, drip tray, and dregs drawer are not just easy-to-access, but also easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain.

Frothing and Steam Technology for Better Tasting Beverages

One of the Gaggia Brera’s best features is the Pannarello Wand. This accessory can not only froth milk to create great cappuccinos and lattes, but it can also dispense hot water to create Americanos and teas. By funneling air into the milk, this elegant stainless steel espresso machine creates rich foam for your coffee similar to those you’d find in the finest eateries of Milan.

Rapid steam technology also allows the Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine to quickly heat up your beverages in order to maintain that robust brewing that leads to delicious tasting coffee every time.

Custom and Yet Deliciously Made Coffee that Suits Your Personal Preferences

Not only is the Gaggia Brera a beautiful appliance, it is intelligent as well. Designed to be convenient to its users, this espresso machine comes equipped with the Gaggia Adapting System, a feature that lets the Gaggia Brera adjust its grinder to better suit the beans used to make your coffee, ensuring a perfect cup every time.

Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine

Gaggia Brera

The Hopper and Bypass Doser allow you to choose between whole bean and pre-ground coffee so that regardless of what you, your roommates and family, or your guests prefer, the Gaggia Brera can adapt to it without much effort.

These programmable brewing features give you the ability to customize your coffee to better suit your individual preferences without having to be a master Italian barista.

Delicious Italian Coffee Made at Home

There are few things more romantic than sitting at a fine Italian café, sipping an espresso while eating tiramisu in the ancient and yet beautiful streets of Milan. If you close your eyes, you can almost feel the sun kissing your skin and hear the sound of carefree chatter all around you.

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Brera

While such a scenario may be an everyday impossibility for most of us, thanks to Gaggia’s rich espresso-making tradition, you can still enjoy delicious caffeinated drinks even while wearing your comfy pajamas and sitting in your very non-Italian kitchen.

Despite its elegant stainless steel design that makes it resemble a fancy machine that only the best baristas can handle, the Gaggia Brera has an intuitive interface that is incredibly user-friendly.

The Pannarello Wand gives you the ability to froth milk to create lattes and dispense hot water to make teas. This machine’s rapid steam technology also quickly heats up beverages so that they are always served at their best.

The combination of the Hopper and Bypass Doser and the Gaggia Adapting System allows the Gaggia Brera to learn your preferences so that you can easily customize your coffee to your unique preferences.

You don’t need to go to Milan to taste amazing gourmet Italian coffee; thanks to the Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine, you can have all those deliciously rich beverages every day from the comfort of your home.

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine Review

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