Are you an espresso fanatic? Are you sick and tired of waiting in long lines at your local coffee shop and forking out exorbitant sums of money each morning for your daily latte or macchiato? Do you wish that you could enjoy the quality and flavor of coffee shop espresso without actually having to go to a coffee shop? You’re in luck, because the Saeco HD8927/47 Picobaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine just might be the solution to all of your espresso woes. No matter your favorite kind of espresso drink, this versatile and powerful espresso machine can make it!

Saeco HD8927/47 Picobaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Compact and Versatile

Other coffee machines force you to trade the flavor and versatility of a professional-grade coffeemaker for the compactness of an at-home model, but not this one! The Saeco espresso machine can make a dizzying variety of hot espresso drinks, including espresso shots, ristrettos, cappuccinos, latte macchiatos, and flat whites.

It can also dispense hot water and frothed milk at the push of a button, multiplying its potential uses even further. And yet, this machine is much smaller than the ones you can find in your local coffee shop, allowing it to fit right into your kitchen or office unobtrusively. You’d be hard-pressed to find an espresso machine that boasts this wide of a variety of outputs while still remaining this compact.

Saeco HD8927/47 Picobaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine

User-Friendly Display

Despite the fact that this machine can make 11 different varieties of coffee, its digital backlit display is still streamlined and easy to understand. It allows you to select the variety of coffee you’d like to make, choose between 5 different strength settings, and adjust the temperature.

You can even save your personalized customizations for each type of coffee using the Memo Function. You won’t ever struggle to understand how to use this espresso machine!

Saeco HD8927/47 Picobaristo

Ceramic Grinder

This espresso machine features bean grinders made of a durable ceramic material instead of the more commonly-used metal, which minimizes the potential for overheating during the grinding process and prevents your finished product from tasting overly burnt or bitter.

You can also adjust the intensity of the grinder between 10 settings, allowing you to control the granularity of your coffee grounds. Espressos call for a much finer grind, whereas lighter coffees are better suited to a coarser grind. If you’d prefer to use pre-ground coffee instead of using the ceramic grinder to grind individual batches of coffee beans, there’s also a chamber specifically designed for that!

Saeco HD8927/47


This espresso maker can brew up to 5,000 cups of coffee before it needs to run its descaling function, making it incredibly easy to maintain. All you have to do is replace the AquaClean filter when the machine prompts you to!

It also features an auto-cleaning cycle and dishwasher-friendly milk component, allowing you to make as many lattes and cappuccinos as you’d like without worrying about having to hand-wash the milk compartment. Finally, this espresso maker boasts a unique removable brewing group, allowing it to grind and brew one batch of coffee beans at a time and making it extremely easy to clean.

Saeco Picobaristo Espresso Machine

Enjoy Delicious Espresso at the Push of a Button

There’s no need to waste your time or money on buying $5 lattes every single day when you could easily be making equally delicious espresso drinks in the comfort of your own home!

The Saeco HD8927/47 Picobaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine offers an unparalleled variety of espresso beverage options and settings while still remaining compact, user-friendly, easy-to-clean, and low-maintenance. You absolutely can’t go wrong with this unbelievably versatile espresso maker. It’s a must for any coffee lover!

Saeco HD8927/47 Picobaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review

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