Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven Review (SVD-00101)

Sous vide is a gourmet culinary technique used by chefs from all over the world and translates to “under vacuum” in French. The sous vide cooking method involves packing your food in a vacuum-sealed pack and then cooking it in low temperatures to produce quality and tender meats and veggies.

Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven Review (SVD-00101 Model)

Now with the Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven, you can create perfectly cooked cuts of meat simultaneously and in a short amount of time from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Motorless Machine

The Sous Vide Supreme Demi doesn’t require a motor to keep it running but is instead designed with a unique patent which works to maintain precisely-controlled water temperature. Due to the lack of a built-in motor, you will find that the Demi works silently to cook your food perfectly.

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Temperature Control

The vacuum cooker keeps your water temperature within 1 degree Fahrenheit by using a PID controller. With the help of the PID, the temperature will remain consistent throughout the cooking duration, even if it’s continuous for numerous days. Never worry about overcooking your food, as this sous vide machine will produce perfect results after each and every cooking session.

Set the machine on the desired temperature and cooking time duration, then leave it be to cook your food for you. There’s no need to stand over the Demi while it’s doing its job.

Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven

Gourmet Taste at an Affordable Price

By cooking your food in a vacuum sealed pack, you won’t have to worry about losing the real flavors of your ingredients. The sealed pack actually works to retain all the nutrients and juices of your meats and veggies. You can even throw in an inexpensive cut of meat and have it come out wholly tenderized and delicious.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

As there will be no need for any pots or pans to cook your ingredients, you won’t have to waste time cleaning up. Just empty out the water from the machine and use a clean and soft cloth to wipe down the interior of the sous vide.

Sous Vide Supreme SVD-00101

Sous Vide Timer

Easily set the timer from 0 minutes to 99 hours and get a cycle end repeatable beep after each complete cooking cycle. The time does not have an effect on your cooking as it will not turn off the machine when it goes off.

Cooking with a Sous Vide

Season your ingredients with your favorite herbs and spices, then vacuum-seal them in a quality food-grade cooking pouch. Add the sealed pouch into the water oven which will hold a consistently controlled temperature to ensure your food does not overcook and then plate it directly from the pouch! Using a sous vide machine is a great way to cut down on cooking prep time while still getting the best flavors out of your foods.

Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven

Sous Vide Supreme Demi Specs

The vacuum-seal cooker comes with a 9-liter working capacity and offers a cooking size of roughly 12 four-ounce portions. With a coated steel exterior and weight of 9.8 pounds, the dimensions come out about to 11.3 inches in height, 10.96 inches in width and 12.99 inches in length. It’s a similar size to a crock pot and won’t be difficult to find a spot for on your kitchen counter.

What’s Included in the Box

What you can expect to receive in the box (aside from the actual sous vide machine) will include a few different handy tools. The first being the user manual which will provide you with instructions on how to best use your machine to achieve optimal results, as well as the best way to maintain your Demi.

Sous Vide Supreme

You can also expect a stainless steel universal pouch rack which you can use to position your pouches within the vacuum-sealed cooker. You will also receive a stainless steel lid which also serves as a drip tray when transporting your pouch from the machine to your dish or sink.

Other tools included in the box are a detachable power cord, an insulated lid blanket to retain heat during cooking and a perforated bottom grill which is built to produce convection currents.

Gourmet Meals with Minimal Effort

The Sous Vide Supreme Demi makes it incredibly easy to turn out a tasty gourmet meal with little prep-time needed. This is the perfect tool for you whether you’re an experienced cook or someone with little to no cooking experience. All you have to do is season your foods, vacuum-seal them into the provided pouches, simmer the water, proceed to sear or add sauces to your meals if you wish and then you’re ready to eat!

Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven Review (SVD-00101 Model)

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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