Lodge L4HS3KPLT Cast Iron 4-Piece Cookware Set Review

While the quality of food depends entirely on the expertise of the cook, the type of cookware makes or breaks the cooking process. In this article, we feature one of the highly rated cast iron cookware, the Lodge L4HS3KPLT.

Lodge L4HS3KPLT Cast Iron Cookware Set Review

Lodge Cast Iron 4-Piece Cookware Set Review

This cookware set offers flexibility and versatility in the kitchen and its superior heat retention ability ensures that food is cooked and seared to a perfect tender. It also requires low maintenance, as the set comes pre-seasoned and the rustic design gives it a more natural and alluring look.

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Cookware Set

This cookware set comes in a 4-piece bundle. The 4-piece set includes a 10.5” Round Griddle, a 10.25” Skillet, a 5 Quart Dutch Oven and a Dutch Oven lid. The Skillet is a great companion in the kitchen, as it can be used to prepare a large assortment of dishes including pancakes, eggs, French toasts, bacon and various meats.

Lodge Cast Iron

The Dutch Oven on the other hand is excellent for delicious roasts and stews, while the Griddle can be used for barbeques.


This cookware set allows for unparalleled flexibility in the kitchen. You can basically use for it for any type of food preparation, from sautéing, searing, simmering, broiling, baking to braising, frying, roasting and even grilling.

Although it takes longer to heat than copper-based and stainless steel cookware, it has longer heat retention which ensures even heating.

Furthermore, you can use the Lodge L4HS3KPLT on almost all heat sources thanks to its hard and dense cast iron that can handle extreme temperatures. With the exception of the microwave, it can be used on electric and gas stovetops, ovens, barbeque grills, induction stoves and even over a campfire.

Seasoning, Durability and Maintenance

According to the manufacturer, this cookware set comes pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. There are no chemicals or synthetic chemicals involved, therefore it is very safe to use.

Lodge L4HS3KPLT Cast Iron 4-Piece Cookware Set Review
Lodge Cast Iron

With each subsequent use, the seasoned surface appears darker and offers performance similar to non-stick surfaces- minus the health hazards of the Teflon of cause. However, the seasoning is not permanent. It will wear off eventually, as a result of cooking acidic foods and deglazing of the surfaces with wine.

You will therefore have to season the whole set occasionally to prevent rusting and the food from sticking.

The secret to all Cast Iron cookware and not just the Lodge L4HS3KPLT is seasoning. This prevents rust, which is the number one enemy of iron. To prevent the seasoning from coming off, you will be required to wipe it clean with a cloth stained with a few drops of oil, before storing it away.

Kindly note that this cast iron cookware retains a lot of heat during cooking and does not include insulated handles, unfortunately. This means that you have to be very careful when using or handling this cookware. To avoid potential risks, you can purchase separately, the Lodge Silicone Hot Handle Holder.

It only costs less than $4 and may save you lots of money in terms of large medical bills related to burns.

Lodge L4HS3KPLT vs. Simple Chef

The Simple Chef cookware is comparable to the Lodge L4HS3KPLT, as the set features heavy duty cast iron and also comes pre-seasoned. However, unlike the Lodge L4HS3KPLT that has four elements, the Simple Chef has only three elements. The set consists of 10”, 8” and 6” skillet pans.

Simple Chef Review
Simple Chef

It does not include any other type of cook pot or even lids. Luckily, the skillet pans can be used to prepare any type of food. They can be used to sauté, fry, grill and even prepare savory soups thanks to a combination of multi-functionality, high heat retention, nonstick performance and raised edges.

You can also use the skillets on various heat sources including ovens, stovetops and over a campfire. Aside from just wiping the surfaces with an oiled clothe and storing it away, the Simple Chef cookware requires no other maintenance. When it comes to durability, the set can last a lifetime.

However, regular seasoning is required to prevent them from rusting. It comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to return the cookware set if you are not satisfied with its performance within the 30 days.

Simple Chef Cast Iron Skillet 3-Piece Review

Cast Iron Skillet 3-Piece Review

Lodge L4HS3KPLT vs. AmazonBasics

The AmazonBasics cookware comes pre-seasoned and also features the same heavy duty cast iron as the Lodge L4HS3KPLT. The only difference between these two first class cookware sets is that the AmazonBasics features five elements, while the Lodge L4HS3KPLT comes with only four.

The AmazonBasics cookware set comprises a 10.5 inch griddle, a 10.25 inch skillet, an 8 inch skillet, a 10.25 inch Dutch oven and a lid. The versatile set can be used to prepare any type of food.

The griddle, for instance is exceptionally for breakfast foods like pancakes and quesadillas, while the skillet can be used for sautéing, searing, frying, broiling, grilling, roasting and baking. The Dutch oven is the go to appliance for all-in-one meals and savory stews.

The heavy duty cast iron is resilient to extreme temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used in all cooking surfaces, with the exception of the microwave, such as ovens, broilers, campfires and barbeque grills.

It is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil with an alluring black patina and the seasoning or nonstick performance improves with each subsequent use. The maintenance is similar to the Lodge L4HS3KPLT and only requires rinsing with hot water and using a stiff brush to get rid of stuck food.

You are then required to dry the surfaces with a towel, preferably stained with vegetable oil before stashing the cookware away. No soap and harsh cleaning detergents are required.

AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Review

Cast Iron Review

Lodge L4HS3KPLT vs. Lodge L5HS3KPLT

Aside from the number of elements in each set, there isn’t much difference between the Lodge L4HS3KPLT and the Lodge L5HS3KPLT. The Lodge L5HS3KPLT comes in a 5-piece set, which contains all the elements in the Lodge L4SH3KPLT 4-piece set and further includes an 8 Inch skillet.


They include a 10.5 inch griddle, 10.25 inch skillet, a 10.25 inch (5 Quart) Dutch oven, an 8 inch skillet and a lid that fits both the Dutch oven and the 10.25 inch skillet.

The cookware is fully constructed from cast iron and is also pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. The addition of the 8 inch skillet further adds to flexibility and convenience of the cookware, as it allows you to prepare smaller amounts of food especially if you are alone.

These two cookware are basically one and the same, seeing that they come from the same manufacturer. Therefore, if you fancy more cookware in the kitchen, then the Lodge L5HS3KPLT may be the right choice for you.

If however you have no use of an extra skillet, then there is no point going for the 5-piece set when you can save money with the Lodge L4HS3KPLT.

Lodge L5HS3KPLT Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle Review

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle Review

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