How Does a Tea Maker Work and Is it Worth to Buy?

Nothing beats the aroma and taste of a freshly brewed pot of tea. Most of us need at least a cup of tea to boost our caffeine levels so that we do not appear tired or worn out at work. Some people are fortunate to have tea/coffee makers at work, while others have to survive with the few caffeine shots they take in the morning. So, if you fall in the latter category, it is imperative you take as much tea as you can before heading to work. Therefore, owning a tea maker is very important.

How Does a Tea Maker Work

There are several reasons why owning a tea maker is advantageous. First, it is cheaper. You will save several dollars a day making your own tea. Secondly, a tea maker is very convenient. You can drink tea any time of day you want. It also saves time. The time you spend driving to and from and queuing in line could be best spent on other productive activities. Furthermore, you can make whichever type of tea you desire, herbal, black, green, white or Oolong.

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How a Tea Maker Works

There are many tea making machines. However, the process of making tea is almost the same in all of them. To be as specific as possible, we’ll use the Breville BTM800XL One Touch Tea Maker, because it is one of the best tea makers in the market now.

electric tea maker


Before you begin, you need to understand the parts of the tea maker. It is basically made up of three parts: power base, tea basket, and the carafe. Make sure they are separated before you begin the tea making process.

1. Pour a considerable amount of water into the carafe and then place it on the power base.
2. The next step is to put the tea leaves in the tea basket. It is recommended to put one teaspoon of leaves per cup. Close the basket with the lid to prevent the tea leaves from spilling once the basket is submerged into the jug.
3. Fix the basket into the carafe. They are both designed to fit into each other. The basket has a magnetized clip on its back that grips onto the rail of the carafe.
4. The next step is to select which type of tea to make. On the power base, there are settings for the recommended time and temperature for each tea type. For instance, the Oolong tea is brewed at 175˚F and lasts for 3 minutes, while the black tea is made at 212˚F for 2 minutes. There is also a button for which tea strength you are in the mood for, mild, medium or strong. All the required settings will be displayed on the LCD screen.

how do iced tea makers work

5. To start the brewing process, press the tea-button.
6. Beware of beeping sound. The tea maker will boil the water to the desired temperature. Then, the basket will automatically descend into the water. The brewing will occur for the set time, and the basket will again ascend from the water to avoid over brewing.
7. The machine will make a beeping sound to signal that the tea is ready. One other great feature about this tea maker is that it has a keep warm button that will maintain the same temperature of the readymade tea for several hours. So, you need not worry about heating the tea again.

What if I’m in the mood for iced tea?

Unfortunately, the Breville One Touch is only designed to make hot tea. If, however, you are a lover of iced tea, then we would recommend Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker. It will take away all the hassle of boiling water, steeping tea leaves, placing it on ice cubes and waiting for it to cool off, before you can have a taste of it. Here is how you make iced tea using Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker.

how to make tea in a electric kettle


1. Pour water into the pitcher up to the 3-quart line, which is the maximum quantity recommended. You may also opt for 2 or 1 quarts, depending on your moods. Each quart line has its corresponding quantity of ice cubes needed to make the perfect iced tea.
2. Then, pour the water from the pitcher into the tea maker.
3. You may either use tea bags or loose tea. Using tea bags is quite easy, you just place them directly into the filter basket. For loose tea however, you will need a four cup coffee filter, where you will put the leaves and then insert it into the tea maker.

4. You may also add flavorings, such as lemon to make the tea more appetizing. Close the lid to avoid spillage.
5. On the front of the tea maker is an adjuster knob. Select the strength of the tea you desire using the knob. It may either be mild or strong.
6. Using the ice cube markings, put the right amount of ice into the pitcher.
7. To start the brewing process, select the ON button. The process is automatic and the tea maker will shut itself down once the process is complete.
8. Add sugar, stir and serve the iced tea.

how to make tea in tea maker

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