Kenwood KMC011 5 quart Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine Review

What should you expect from a premium-quality mixer entirely made up of heavy-duty metal and not from that everyday plastic which is highly-prone to damages and shocks? An outstanding kitchen experience, of course, with a hassle-less mixing every time. Kenwood’s KMC011 5 Quart-Chef is that very stand mixer you’ve been looking for all along that could do wonders for you.

Kenwood KMC011 5 quart Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine

Together with saving a couple of troublesome hours, it will churn out the inner chef by providing you with a range of mixing options, from rolling out a chunk of dough to making sausages without any expert’s supervision.

What good qualities would you look for while buying a robust-quality kitchen mixer? To start with, you’ll need a mixing bowl that should have some sufficient space to fill-in your ingredients, and second, a very strong motor that doesn’t wreck or malfunction upon being given a task to roll that extra-hard whole wheat bread.

If you’re into everyday cooking and demand more of those fancy baked items, then the KMC011 from Kenwood is the optimum choice for you. Some of the very famous and globally renowned chefs are confident enough to recommend this mixer for heavy-duty mixing chores.

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With Kenwood’s KMC0111 5 Quart Titanium Kitchen Mixer, you will be keener to accepting new tasks every day with that enhanced level of self-confidence.

Packed with massive power and optional attachments, your everyday cooking will be a breeze. Thanks to its European-designed motor that has got 2x the power of ordinary stand mixers out there; no wonder it’s quite capable of handling the heaviest of loads.

Kenwood KMC011


Since it boasts a variable speed control mechanism, every single component of your input is gently amalgamated before shifting it to its highest speed level. This ensures that your ingredients don’t spill over the counter or on your kitchen gown. That is so embarrassing, isn’t it?

The four attachment hubs let you attach the optional add-ons that ultimately give you true peace of mind with enhanced flexibility and ease-of-use.

Above all, its 5-quart stainless steel bowl is dominated by some serious quality handles that will ease the removal process. Also, all its tools and accessories are dishwasher-friendly which eases your job further.

Kenwood KMC011 Stand Mixer Review

Build Quality

The entire body is formed up of die-cast aluminum material. The bowl and the entire mixing machine (to be precise) are made up of tough stainless steel. In an ideal situation, this machine should back you up for all your mixing needs for years to come. And all that credit goes to its fine interior and exterior build quality.


The Kenwood KMC011 packs a powerful 750-watt motor at its heart which is on par for those regular high-end mixing chores. You’ll find a couple of other expensively-priced mixing motors that host the same powered-motor. This compact mixer is providing the same value for your bucks.

Moreover, its motor won’t overheat if you assign a heavy-duty task to it. And above that, it runs on a 110-V power supply, which means it consumes lesser power. And if you compare its consumption with the capability of handling such high-end tasks, the KMC011 is the finest choice you could ever opt for!

Kenwood KMC011 Stand Mixer


The overall performance is not to be regretted upon. It’s quite capable of replacing those extra accessories from your kitchen that have been occupying the space for so long. Customers report that they return their previously purchased kitchen mixers due to quality issues and below-par results. And yet they replaced their previous kitchen mixers with the KMC011, which truly means that it is a top-grade performer.

The optional attachments that come with it are quite compelling with the mixer itself. So if you’re dreaming for that superior level of performance, then the Kenwood KMC011 is the best deal for you.


You’d be glad to know that it comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty and 5-Year Motor Warranty. That is enough to give you that ultimate relaxation you didn’t get with some of your past choices.

Kenwood KMC011 5 quart Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine Review

Kenwood KMC011> Conclusion

Kenwood may not be having the upper-hand over its US-based competitors like KitchenAid, but when it comes to customer satisfaction, it is rated the best kitchen mixing appliance. It is highly-responsive and easy-to-deal-with, and you ultimately get what you pay for. From a powerful motor to overall build-quality, you shouldn’t be concerned much if you plan on buying the Kenwood KMC011 Kitchen Machine.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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