Egg Yolk Cookies

Everybody loves a good chocolate chip cookie, but making the perfect one can prove to be difficult. Sometimes they come out a bit too crunchy and other times they are almost not cooked at all. The trick in making the perfect cookies is to use only the egg yolks. This sounds crazy, but hear us out when we tell you that this will make a huge difference in your chocolate chip cookies.

By removing the egg whites, which consists mostly of water, you will make the best chewy cookie you have ever had. The moisture found in the egg whites is what gives the crunch to cookies, whereas the fat found in the yolk prevents the crunchy texture. Read more below, as we go into more detail on how to make the best chocolate chip cookies at home!

Key Ingredients
To make the best quality cookies, you should invest in the best quality ingredients. If you can’t find them, then we have some substitutions that work in a pinch.

Butter: When it comes to butter, don’t skimp on this ingredient. The higher quality butter will give you better texture and more flavor. Also, keep in mind to use unsalted butter, and let it get to room temperature. We will give you more details why room temperature makes a difference.

Sugar: To give these cookies their flavor and texture, use both brown and white sugar for optimal results and the best flavor.

Eggs: In this recipe you will only be using the egg yolks. Use large or jumbo sized eggs to give the cookies the most fat content possible. You can set the whites aside for other recipes, such as omelets or aioli.

Vanilla Extract: Vanilla is a key ingredient when baking desserts. While you can use vanilla powder, if you have to, it is best to use a good vanilla extract.

Flour: No need to get anything super fancy when it comes to flour. All-purpose flour works best and gives you the best consistency.

Salt: The best salt to use in baking these chocolate chip cookies is sea salt. Salt holds the cookie together and gives it a better consistency. Sea salt, when compared to table or kosher salt, has a more mild flavor and blends better with the other ingredients. As an added bonus, sprinkle a little bit of sea salt over the top of the finished cookies.

Chocolate chunks/chips: You can use your preference of dark or milk chocolate in these cookies. While chips are the classic ingredient, we recommend using chunks. You could even hand chop some chocolate and add it in for a more unique consistency and appearance.

Why Room Temperature Ingredients?
Science dictates that if you use cold ingredients, they won’t dissolve or blend as well as they should. So, instead of using cold ingredients, make sure that everything is at room temperature. When mixing the butter with sugar it emulsifies, adding oxygen to the batter which will give your cookies a lighter texture. It also blends more smoothly than when it is cold, making your task easier.

If you refrigerate your butter, there are a few ways to bring it to room temperature. If you some spare time, leave it out on a plate in your kitchen and let it get to temperature on its own. If you are a bit pressed for time, it is possible to carefully microwave it in short bursts. Be careful not to melt it completely!

There are so many recipes that also call for eggs at room temperature. Again, this is because it’s much easier for the eggs to be mixed and broken up than when they’re cold. They also will give you a better, fluffier texture.

To get your eggs to room temperature, leave them out of the refrigerator for a few hours ahead of time. If time is of the essence, then place them in a bowl filled with warm water for a few minutes.

How to Make the Best Cookie Dough

Do I need a mixer?
While the mixer is useful, it’s not necessary. With the simple ingredients at room temperature, you should be able to whip them together in a jiffy, using either a whisk or a spoon.

Why mix the butter and sugar?
In order to give yourself some nice, fluffy baked goods, it is highly recommended to whip the butter and sugar together. This emulsifies and adds oxygen to the mixture, as well as ensuring that the sugar is properly dissolved.

Should I chill my cookie dough?
Absolutely! If you want to give your cookies some thickness, this is a step you shouldn’t skip. The longer that you chill them, the thicker they will be.

When you mix the cookie dough together, set it in the fridge for up to an hour. Once it has cooled a bit, portion them out and put them on your cookie sheet, lined with parchment paper. Then place back in your freezer for up to three hours. You can also store excess dough, in ball form, in a freezer-safe container for later.

How to scoop cookie dough?
We recommend that you scoop your cookies using a tablespoon. You don’t need to break the bank and spend a lot of money on a gourmet tablespoon. If you want to make them super thick, stack two scoops on top of one another.

Why should I chill the dough?
There are two reasons why you should let your dough chill after you mix it. First, it allows the sugars to properly absorb into the rest of the dough. In the past, you probably had cookies that had a gritty texture because you skipped this step. Second, it gives a fluffier texture to your cookie. By allowing it to cool for a little bit, it will rise when you are baking it.

Can I freeze my cookie dough?
Of course you can. If you happen to make more dough than you need, feel free to store the excess in the freezer. Portion it out into balls and put them in an appropriate container before putting them in the freezer. You can safely store them for a few months.

What is the perfect time for baking cookies?
Depending on your personal preference of texture, your cooking time will vary. If you like to have a little bit of crisp around the edges and a soft center, then bake them for one minute. To give your chocolate chip cookies a nice and crisp consistency, then cook them for three minutes.

These cookies are equal parts delicious and simple. It might take a few extra steps and a little bit more time than you might be used to, but trust us, these will be some of the best cookies that you will ever taste!

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