Best Small and Compact Microwave in 2021

What is a household these days without a microwave oven? Microwave ovens have indeed made life more convenient for may households because of the many things you can do wit them. You an cook simple meals, and even desserts, on microwave ovens, reheat food, and defrost food when on a rush.

Microwave ovens are usually large in size and often take up space in the kitchen. However, nowadays when homes are starting to get smaller in size, compact microwaves serve as a good option in situations when space is limited. Besides this reason, compact microwaves use less energy as compared to larger-sized ones. This is another good reason why compact microwaves should be worth considering.

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Safety concerns have been an issue with microwaves in the past due to the possibility of radiation coming from this appliance. However, the electromagnetic radiation produced by microwaves is not strong enough to cause cellular damage in humans. It is strong enough though to cause water molecules in food to vibrate. The movement of these molecules is what produces heat in the microwave oven.

Microwave ovens have safety features as well, such as layers of mesh linings, in order to make sure that radiation doesn’t leak from the oven. The FDA also monitors the manufacture of these ovens to make sure they pass safety standards.

As long as manufacturer’s instructions are properly followed, you can be assured of your oven’s safety.

What are the features that you should look out for when choosing a compact microwave oven?

For microwave ovens, power is an essential feature. A more powerful microwave oven means more rapid cooking/heating time. It also means food that is more consistently cooked in terms of consistency.

You can check the power of a microwave oven by checking for its wattage. A minimum of 750 watts is needed for a microwave oven to function efficiently. For oven with other features such as grills, a minimum of 1000 watts is recommended.

The capacity of the microwave basically refers to the amount fo food that the microwave oven can accommodate. It refers to the size of the microwave in its interior. This unit of measurement usually used is in cubic feet. Capacity averages range anywhere from 0.5 to 1.2 cubic feet. Take note though that capacity is not always equal to size. Read on to know the difference.

In this article, size refers to two dimensions: (1) the actual size of the oven, based on its length, width, and height, and (2) the space that the oven will occupy in your kitche.

It is recommended that you leave a 1 to 2 inch allowance when measuring the space that will be occupied by the microwave oven.

Special Features
Microwave oven models usually have two basic features. The first is a timer that is set depending on how long it takes for the food to get cooked or heated. The second feature is the defrost feature, which usually bases defrost time on the weight of the food being defrosted.
There are other models though which offer other several features for added convenience.

One touch presets
Some microwave ovens already have preset programs at the touch of button. These programs can actually be quite convenient since they take away the guesswork involving cooking time and power when it comes to certain types of food. Take for example the “popcorn setting”. This setting already provides a preset time and power level specifically for popcorn based on your oven’s power. This eliminates the need for you to experiment on what settings would be ideal for this given situation.

Power Save Mode
Since your microwave oven will consume much electricity in order to produce the much power, you would need to find other features that can help compensate for that high energy consumption.

Electrical appliances are known to continuously use up energy, even when on standby mode. The power save mode automatically switches off your microwave, helping you save a bit in terms of electrical consumption.

Ease of Use

There are basically two types of designs when it comes to the controls of microwave ovens. Some use digital displays with push buttons while others use simple dials. Dials, for some, are more straightforward making it easier for them to use. Yet, there are others who prefer digital displays. Try out some models on display in order to see what you feel is easier to use.

Ease of Cleaning
Check for interiors that are stain and scratch resistant. They are definitely much easier to clean and maintain. With this kind of interior, all you’ll be needing is a damp cloth to wipe your oven in case of food splashes to keep your oven looking like new.

Why shouldn’t metals be used in microwave ovens?
Utensils made of metals or tableware with metallic designs should not be used in microwave ovens. Unlike food which can absorb electromagnetic radiation, metals tend to deflect this type of radiation. Since nothing gets to absorb the deflected radiation, metals end up causing sparks inside the microwave oven. These may cause not only your food to burn, but your microwave oven as well.

What are the other uses of a microwave often besides reheating food?
You would be surprised but there are gardeners who actually use the microwave to heat up soil in order to improve it. Microwaves are also used to disinfect certain objects like sponges and rags. Some use their microwave oven for heating up heat pads or for drying up colored fabrics. Basically, anything that needs quick heating can be done in a microwave oven.

Can you bake in a microwave oven?
Yes. There are recipes, like mug cakes for example, which you can easily do within minutes using a standard microwave oven.

Is there cause for worry when a microwave oven starts to leak?
Yes. The microwave oven’s safety features include layers of protection which prevent radiation leakage. Any break in these layers may cause radiation to escape which may cause long-term health problems to the user.

Can you use the microwave oven to defrost your food?
Definitely yes! In fact, this is one of the most attractive functions of a microwave oven since it can easily defrost frozen food rapidly within a couple of minutes. For those who live life on a rush, this dis probably one of its best uses.

When searching for a microwave oven to buy, you may be tempted to choose one based on how it appears. However, exterior design is not the only thing that counts when purchasing a compact microwave oven. Functionality is key since you are after convenience when it comes to microwave ovens. Always put convenience and functionality on the top of your list when it comes to making the right decision. As long as you do this, rest assured, you will never go wrong.

Compact Microwave | Bestseller

Bestseller No. 1
BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven with...
700 Watts with 10 power settings, clock and kitchen timer, 30 Seconds Express Cooking; Push-button door release for easy access

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