Best Hot Pot Cookers in 2023

Hot pot meals from Asian tradition have taken off in many parts of the world lately. These are considered to be healthy meals that certainly do not lack in taste. They rely on a flavorful soup base where raw ingredients are dipped into and cooked. Doing so brings out the natural flavors of the ingredients.

Several kinds of ingredients are placed on the table so diners are given a choice of what they would like to have during the meal. Diners don’t feel limited when eating hotpot meals. More than that though, is the atmosphere that hot pot meals create. Hot pot meals can be considered a great opportunity to socialize and bond as everyone gets to talk while also sharing their love for the food at hand.

Regardless of the reason, a hotpot is quickly becoming an essential part of one’s kitchen since it can also be used for making a variety of stews and soups as well.

Hotpots are sold at reasonable prices nowadays, so you can finally add one to your kitchenware collection. Having some background information on how to choose a hotpot that is suitable for you will help you make the right purchase. While they do not break the bank, you may still want one that functions properly and can deliver that healthy, comforting meal.

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Considering that hotpot cooking originated from Asia, it isn’t surprising that one feature of this cooker is a divider that is similarly shaped to a yin-yang symbol.

The great thing about having a divider is that it helps separate two different kinds of soup bases. This gives you flexibility as you can decide which soup base to dip and cook your chosen raw ingredients in. Some individuals may like a spicy soup base while others would prefer something milder. This gives more options for those gathered around the table and they don’t necessarily have to stick to a single flavor profile throughout the entire meal. After all, hotpot means are meant to be enjoyed by everyone gathered around the table during the meal.

Some hotpot cookers come with self-contained heating elements that are usually located at the base of the cooker. These types of cookers are plugged into electrical outlets in order to work. This is an advantage since this often eliminates the need for an additional induction cooker, which is required to heat up a standalone hotpot cooker.

Nonetheless, both standalone and electric hotpots do a great job to provide you with a good, hearty meal. The choice of hotpot ultimately comes down to which you find more practically suited for your lifestyle.

Stove Compatibility
While electric hotpots can be convenient, standalone hotpots may be more practical in some cases. This is especially true if you already own an induction cooker at home. After all, a standalone hotpot cooker is cheaper compared to an electric one.

Induction cookers heat up faster compared to electric hotpots and can be used just like any other stove top. The standalone hotpot is placed on the induction cooker and used just like any other pot or pan. This makes owning a standalone hotpot more versatile from a practical viewpoint.

Size matters, especially if you are part of a large household. If you plan to make hotpot meals for a group of six to eight persons on a regular basis, an 8-quart pot would be a better option. A 1-liter capacity hotpot is more suitable for one to two persons. If you plan on having visitors over, a larger hotpot would be more practical since a larger-sized hotpot can accommodate more diners.

Large gatherings may require the use of more than one hotpot. Thus, it is important for you to consider your lifestyle and the size of your household when choosing the right hotpot size.

Hotpot cooking is gaining popularity and is here to stay. It doesn’t involve the use of oil and most of the cooking process is done through simmering rather than boiling. Because the ingredients are not boiled for prolonged periods, they do not become overcooked and thus the flavors are retained.

The atmosphere that hotpot cooking creates is one that speaks of tight bonds such as family. It is no wonder why this kind of meal is slowly gaining popularity across many countries lately.

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