It’s not uncommon for many families to consider the kitchen to be the heart of their home. It’s there where multiple meals are prepared daily, cupcakes are made for bake sales, and Christmas cookies are decorated with the utmost care.

Winflo New Range Hood Review

Wall Mount Range Hood Review

But a kitchen that is filled with noisy appliances and all sorts of smokes and fumes can also be a less than pleasant place to socialize.

Well, if you’ve ever been faced with these types of annoyances, then you should consider getting your kitchen the Winflo New 30” Wall Mount Range Hood.

With a beautiful European contemporary look, this premium stainless steel range hood is easy-to-install and has an adjustable chimney that is suitable for most kitchens.

Its three fan speeds provide for customizable suction that is quiet even when operating at its highest levels.

Better yet, this Winflo Range Hood comes with two easy-to-remove filters that are dishwasher safe, making keeping this unit clean and grease-free an effortless task.

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The Winflo New 30” Wall Mount Range Hood is Easy-to-Install

The Winflo Range Hood comes with all the necessary accessories included, making installation a breeze. These items include parts such as the installation and mounting hardware, plugs, power cords, and flexible duct work.

Winflo New Range Hood Review

Winflo Wall Mount Range Hood

This unit’s adjustable chimney allows it to fit perfectly within 7.5 to 8.5 feet ceiling kitchens without the need for a lot of work. However, if your kitchen has ceilings higher than 8.5 feet, a compatible chimney extension is also available as an additional purchase.

3 Speeds Fans for Customizable Suction

The Winflo Wall Mount Range Hood has an intuitive and easy-to-operate system that allows you to control fan speed with a simple push of a button. With a maximum air flow of 400 CFM, you can choose between three different levels for the exact amount of suction power needed.

A button also allows you to turn two bright energy saver LED lights on. These two white lights are safe to touch when operating, while still offering you a perfect amount of illumination.

Quiet Fans that Won’t Get in the Way of Conversation

Often times you may find that range hoods are extremely loud when operating, drowning out all the conversation between you and your family or the awesome music you enjoy listening to while cooking.

If you’re familiar with that experience, then you’ll be relieved to know that the Winflo Wall Mount Range Hood was designed to tackle this problem. This unit is still ultra-quiet even when operating at its highest speed, keeping noise levels to less than 65DB.

Thanks to the Winflo Wall Mount Range Hood, you can still remove all those fumes from your kitchen while holding a pleasant conversation with your guests or enjoy your special cooking playlist as you get that special meal ready.

Dishwasher-Safe Filters Makes Cleaning and Maintenance a Breeze

One of the best things about the Winflow Mount Range Hood is that maintaining it clean and functional is not a hassle. With two easy-to-remove filters made of aluminum mesh and a stainless steel frame, you can just pop them into your dishwasher after you’re done for the day and have them cleaned up with minimal effort.

Winflo New 30-in Wall Mount Range Hood

Winflo Wall Mount Range Hood

A Wall Mount Range Hood that is Perfect for the Heart of your Home

A home’s kitchen is a place where many memories are made. It is over a stove that generations of family recipes are learned and passed down, where parents and children catch up as dinner is being prepared, and where friends tell outrages stories while having fun at an informal dinner party.

Thick smoke, grease, and a noisy and inefficient range hood can easily ruin all those incredible moments. The Winflo Wall Mount Range Hood helps preserve these mundane occasions so they can become precious memories in the future.

An adjustable chimney and included accessories makes this modern and sophisticated unit incredibly easy-to-install. An extension is also available for kitchens with high ceilings.
Three fan speeds provides for the customizable and yet quiet suction power you need to get rid of all that smoke.

The two easy-to-remove filters, made of aluminum mesh and stainless steel frame, are dishwasher safe for an easy clean without much hassle.

If you love cooking and you love spending time with your family and friends in the kitchen, you need a wall mounted range hood that is quiet and efficient, perfect for the heart of your home. You need a Winflo New 30” Wall Mount Range Hood.

Winflo New 30-in Wall Mount Range Hood Review

Winflo Wall Mount Range Hood Review

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