Why French Press Coffee is Bad for You | True or False?

With coffee being one of the most popular beverages in the world, most people regularly consume it without knowing the possible effects it could have on their body. While there are many different types of coffee out there, not every type is perfectly healthy for you.

Why French Press Coffee is Bad for You

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Because coffee is meant as a quick fix, it isn’t taken as seriously as wine or detoxing smoothie would be. With mindless consumption, it can lead to changes in your body that even become fatal if not taken care of right away.

One of the most popular styles of coffee is French Press. While it is enjoyable, too much of it can be dangerous. With that being said, here are five reasons why French Press coffee may not be as good for you as you think.

You May Experience Heightened Cholesterol

Some French Press coffee beverages are packed with a certain oil that could cause fatal problems internally if it is consumed too much or too often. It would most likely attack the cardiovascular area which could, later on, be linked to heart attacks, chest pain, and problems with liver functionality.

One of the best things that you can do in this instance changes the way you prepare your coffee. Reduce the amount of oil that is used and limit the number of cups you decide to drink each day. Maybe consider replacing one cup with another warm beverage like hot cocoa or nutmeg. Or is it an energy boost you are seeking, perhaps try making iced coffee.

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It Can Greatly Affect Your Mood

Heavy coffee intake can result in certain chemical imbalances. You can raise or lower the most important chemicals which could then result in jitteriness, mood swings, anxiety, or it could create the feeling of numbness.

The best way to avoid this is to get to know what your body can and can’t handle regarding the amount of coffee you drink. The more self-aware you are, the more you can drink cautiously without being afraid of going over the edge. Without caution, you could fall into a cycle of dependency and make it harder to change your routine.

Loss of Sleep

It can take around 14 hours for coffee to completely release itself from your system. Most consumers enjoy having coffee in the morning to help them wake up and start their day. Some also refill throughout the day to either stay alert to keep themselves from feeling tired or sluggish.

Because it can take so long for coffee to leave your system, practicing the bad habit of drinking it throughout the day can lead to insomnia and depression. Without enough sleep, you are constantly in the loop of always feeling tired. This then results in you wanting more coffee. Lack of sleep can link to many different health and mental problems, but most importantly it can deeply affect your mood and lead to symptoms of depression.

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May Result in Weight Gain

Because French Press is unfiltered and contains a lot of oil, too much consumption can result in slight weight gain for those that drink it regularly. Most people know that greasy foods that are packed in oil are perfect for weight gain and heart disease and other health issues. The same applies to beverages.

This is why it would be important to lower your intake. Repeatedly drinking heavy amounts of this coffee will do you much harm in the long run. Seek healthier alternatives and equally incorporate the two into your lifestyle. Remember that this is a beverage that should be consumed in moderation.

Painful Heart Contractions

According to some studies, heavy intake of French Press can lead to discomfort in the chest and cardiovascular area in general. While heart contractions aren’t a serious indicator of long-term health issues, it is uncomfortable and can disrupt productivity and focus.

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Conclusion: Keep an Eye on Your Intake

Always remember that just because something can have a negative effect, it doesn’t mean you have to ban it completely. Drink in moderation. Try to keep your intake below 5 cups a day. Anything over would put you at risk.

Also, be wary of the amount of sugar and cream and other ingredients you decide to add to your cup. The larger your servings are, the more oil you are taking in and allowing it to disrupt the normal functionality of your organs.

Also, remember that there are many other alternatives to coffee that are just as energizing and just as tasty. However, be cautious will all beverages you consume, not just coffee.

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