Traeger Eastwood 22 vs Pro 22

Outdoor activities and gatherings are almost never complete without that barbecue. Grills have always been a part of an outdoor lifestyle, but those have always been limited to regular charcoal or gas grills.

The pellet grill is an innovative cooking gadget that adds versatility and excitement to the standard grill. It makes use of wood pellets to generate heat and fans for heat distribution, similar to a convection oven.

Traeger is a brand associated with pellet grills. They, in fact, have their signature look – the sawhorse chassis, barrel and all-terrain wheels – that automatically tell you that the pellet grill you see must be a Traeger.

The company has released two models: the Eastwood 22 and Pro 22. Both carry the Trager signature design. Placement of certain parts, such as the flue pipes, are identical and both have WiFIRE technology. Given such similarities, apart from their color, it really seems that these two models aren’t much different. Or are they?

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How different are they?
At an initial glance, the Eastwood 22 may be all the same as the Pro22. Taking a closer look, the Pro22 is a total upgrade compared to the Eastwood 22.

To begin with, the Pro22 has a larger cooking surface than the Eastwood22. The Eastwood 22 has dual meat temperature probes as well as a special feature called Advanced Grilling Logic (AGL). The Pro22 is also exclusively distributed by The Home Depot, which may or may not be a good thing.

Aside from these differences, both the Pro22 and Eastwood 22 can do whatever a pellet grill is expected to do. You can use them for smoking, grilling, baking, roasting and for those barbecues. Because they use wooden pellets, you can always expect that smoked, woody flavor expected of a grill. Both grills have a hopper capacity of up to 18 pounds. Both can reach the maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

How well can they cook?
Why would one want to buy a pellet grill? It is most probably because a pellet grill is the best there is right now when it comes to cooking meals.
While the Traeger Eastwood can indeed deliver great results, the Pro 22 takes cooking a step further will all its added features.

The main grill grates of both the Eastwood 22 and the Pro22 are the same size at 418 sq. in. The Pro22 though comes with an extra 154 sq. in rack bringing the total cooking area of the Pro22 to 572 sq in. That’s a lot of extra cooking space.

The Pro22 also comes with two meat probe. With the meat probes, you won’t have to keep on guessing as to how cooked your meats are – and that goes not only for one kind meat. Two meat probes means that you can grill two different kinds of meat at the same time. Having two meat probes means that you won’t have to keep on opening the lid to check on your meats. Keeping the lids closed for as long as possible lets the smokey flavor stay inside and locks it.

Another improvement in the Pro22 is the Digital Pro Controller. Compared to the Digital Elite Controller with the AGL system found in the Eastwood22, the Digital Pro. Controller is more accurate since it keeps temperatures within the range of 15 degrees of your chosen and set cooking temperature.

Are these easy to use?
Grilling has never been made easier with either of these Traeger models. All it takes are your preferred pellets and switching on the power to start the grill. The temperature is more accurately set and maintained because of the digital controllers.

Moving these grillers around isn’t torture either. Even at 103 pounds, these have all-terrain wheels which make these grills easy to move in any surface. These grillers also have a sawhorse design that keeps them stable on any type of surface, resulting in an even grilling area.

Cleaning the Trager Pro22 is, easier than cleaning the Eastwood22. The Pro22 has a button installed that makes emptying the hopper a breee.

Final Say
Manufacturers usually release upgrades of their bestsellers in the hope of creating better sales. Most of the time, these upgrades end up to be utter disappointments and a waste of hard-earned cash.

Between the Traeger Eastwood22 and the Pro22 though, the Pro22 definitely has a clearer edge than the Eastwood 22.

The Eastwood22 is packed with features such as an improved digital controller and Hopper Clean Out. The wider cooking surface and dual thermometers are added pluses to boot. A limited budget shouldn’t even be a consideration as the price difference between these two models isn’t much.

For all the improvements that the Pro22 has to offer, choosing this over the Eastwood 22 will indeed be rational and reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a better choice?
The Eastwood 22 or Pro 22?
While both Traeger pellet grills produce good results, the Pro22 does have noteworthy improvements compared to the Eastwood22. An improved digital controller, dual meat probes and larger cooking area are just some of the changes seen in the Pro22 so it turns out to be indeed an upgrade of the Eastwood 22.

Can the Eastwood22 or Pro22 be connected to WiFi?
No. It only has WiFIRE technology.

How much food can you grill in the Eastwood22 and Pro22?
The Eastwood 22 has a total cooking surface area of 418 sq inches. The Pro22 has a total cooking area of 572 sq inches. This can cook around four whole chickens or 5 racks of rib

Do these grills carry warranties? If they do, how long do their warranties last?
All Traeger grills carry warranties for up to three years.


Traeger Pro Series 22

Traeger Pro Series 22
Traeger Pro Series 22
Traeger Pro Series 22

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