Single Servers: Is The Cuisinart As Good As The Keurig?

What household wouldn’t know the brand Cuisinart? It is a brand that has made its presence known in anything that is kitchen-related. From cookware to kitchen appliances, Cuisinart has indeed become a trusted brand.

When it comes to coffee makers though, one name is considered to be equal to, if not more trusted than, Cuisinart. Keurig has been a brand to contend with, especially after the release of its first pod coffee maker.

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Drip coffee makers have been a part of many households since there is definitely nothing better than having freshly brewed coffee. The introduction of coffee pods though have been a game changer. There have been many listed advantages and disadvantages to both drip and coffee pod machines. Because of this, choosing which among the drip coffee and coffee pods has indeed been difficult.

Luckily, both Cuisinart and Keurig have released their coffee makers which have both drip functions and single serve coffee pod coffee machines.

The Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center and the Keurig K-Duo have received many good reviews from consumers. They both are reasonably priced below $200 making them quite affordable. Indeed, their price and their features make choosing quite difficult. One, however, is meant to be a better fit than the other.

Design and Features
The introduction of coffee pods has given more options for coffee lovers when it comes to special blends and flavors. The convenience that these coffee makers offer has made them a popular choice for many, although there are many advantages to using a drip coffee maker as well.

The Cuisinart Coffee Center and Keurig K-Duo both offer the option of brewing coffee through the use of coffee pods or by the usual drip method. Both their drip coffee machine features are programmable up to 24 hours. They also have controls that allow you to choose brew strength or intensity.

The water tanks of both the Keurig and Cuisinart are large enough so that you don’t have to do frequent refills. Their tanks can house up to 60 ounces of water. Cuisinart though has separate tanks for the pod and drip portions of the machine. The tank used by the pod portion though is smaller so this may mean frequent refills if the pod portion is used more often than the drip. Keurig’s tank is shared by both the pod and drip part of the machine. This makes refills more convenient for the user.

Keurig has a pause button for its drip machine so that you can pour out a cup of fresh brew midway through the brewing process. Cuisinart though has temperature controls for its carafe so that it can be set at either low, medium or high temperatures.

As for the coffee pod part of these machines, Keurig has a better advantage since coffee pods have been Keurig’s specialty ever since. Keurig also has the advantage of having many coffee pod blends in the market that are compatible with its machines. Both Keurig and Cuisinart offer reusable coffee pods which ca be used for coffee grounds of your choice. The Keurig reusable pods though is sold separately, unlike the reusable pod of Cuisinart which come with the machine upon purchase.

Serving Size
The drip portion of both the Keurig and Cuisinart machines can serve up to 12 cups of coffee. The Cuisinart even has two models to choose from: the 10 and 12 cup models.

The pod portion of the two offer different serving sizes. The Cuisinart Coffee Center has the option of brewing 6, 8 or 10-oz single servings, while the Keurig can brew up to 12 ounces in a single serve.

The Cuisinart offers more color options compared to Keurig which has black as its only color choice. Cuisinart comes in brushed metal finish that maybe in either silver, copper, white, black/silver or black. In terms of looks, the Cuisinart pulls off a classier feel compared to Keurig’s more simple, practical look.

Control buttons or the Cuisinart are located at the front panel, whereas the buttons of the Keurig are located at the top portion of the machine. The buttons of the Keurig may pose a problem though should they be placed in an area that is not open since this may limit accessibility to the control buttons.

Both machines do ted to create some splatter, especially when small cups are used.

The prices of both the Cuisinart and Keurig are quite reasonable given their many features. The Keurig though comes at a slightly lower price than the Cuisinart.

Final Words
The battle between these two models from two noteworthy brands is indeed pretty tight. There isn’t much difference in terms of functionality so it all boils down to cost.

Considering this factor, Keurig will definitely have some advantage since it is slightly cheaper than the Cuisinart.

If small concerns, such as color, design and temperature control in the carafe do matter, then the Cuisinart would be a better option.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Cuisinart a good choice as an alternative to the Keurig?
Yes. The features of the Cuisinart and functionality is at par with the Keurig. It is a bit more expensive than the Keurig though so you may want to check out the price of both machines before making a purchase.

Can K-Cups b e used for the Cuisinart?
Yes. K-cups are compatible with the Cuisinart machine.

Which has a better pod portion?
Keurig offers bigger serving sizes, as well as more options for coffee blends. Keurig is also known for its coffee pod machines so they are better than the Cuisinart in this aspect.

Is it okay to buy a pod machine?
Yes, it is. Pod machines are more convenient to use and there are more coffee blends available in the market these days for coffee pods.

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