Robot Coupe R2N Continuous Feed Food Processor Review

Cooking will be a lot easier with this Robot Coupe R2N Food Processor. You may have bought several food processors, but the chances are that your search for a durable and efficient food processor will end with this one. It distinguishes itself in several ways.

Robot Coupe R2N Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor Review

Its direct drive makes for faster food processing; whether you intend to shred or julienne some potatoes, this food processor is always ready to be at your service. With a 3-quart plastic bowl, it can take enough quantity of food that you may want to process at once. With other food processors, you may have to open the container multiple times to monitor the condition of what you are preparing. This is not necessary with the Robot Coupe since it has a transparent lid.

Most chefs will agree that cleaning a food processor is usually one of the most significant challenges of using one. However, the easily removable attachments of this food processor make cleaning much more comfortable. To help conserve your counter space, the base of the processor is minimal. For versatility, it comes with two slicing disks of 2mm and 4mm. You can always change them to suit what you want to prepare.

Robot Coupe R2N Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor

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The dimensions of the food processor are 20 inches by 17 inches by 22 inches. It is not too big, and it won’t consume a lot of space on your countertop. On the other hand, it is not too small to handle the quantity of food you may want to process. It weighs about 31 pounds. So it is not too heavy to be taken around, and at the same time, it is not so light that you can accidentally knock it over. There are other reasons to consider the Robot Coupe as well. Let’s have a look at them.

Large Quantities

The Robot Coupe R2N food processor has relatively large bowls as compared to most other food processors. This is why it is suitable for home use as well as commercial use. Of course, there is a reason it is being used in several restaurants across the country.


It handles several kinds of food processing. You can use it to shred cheese, and it is also great for making the dough. You can also use it to blend onions and chop raw carrots. It has a mincing/slicing/shredding assembly that can be mounted on the motor base for different functions.

The assembly replaces the work bowl on the motor base. Also, the processor can also be used to shred, slice, and julienne large volumes of cheese, vegetables, potatoes, or whatever you want to prepare. To make it easier for you to slide a container under the base to collect the julienned, shredded, or sliced output, the processor has been designed to make the outfeed open “away” from its bottom. You will appreciate this much more when you decide to process a large quantity of food.

Robot Coupe R2N

It is self-explanatory

While it comes with a simple instruction manual, a lot of people don’t make use of it since the food processor is self-explanatory. It has a locking mechanism that prevents you from operating the processor without the work bowl covered; this is not such a big deal since virtually all food processors have this mechanism.

Quiet Operation

Before the emergence of this food processor, a noise was seen as an integral part of food processors because virtually all previously manufactured processors are noisy. This is why the quietness of the Robot Coupe R2N food processor is a distinctive feature that is worthy of mention.

Robot Coupe R2N Food Processor

It is durable, fast, and precise

Some users that have been using the processor for several years have confirmed its durability. It has outlasted most of the food processors that they have used previously. While you can get cheaper processors to shred, blend, julienne, and slice your food, none of them can match the speed and precision this Robot Coupe food processor offers. So, it will make your cooking not only easier but also faster.

Conclusively, no matter how good a product is, it will always have 1 or 2 drawbacks. This food processor is not an exception. However, this is not such a big drawback. Rather, it is more of a suggestion. Since it processes large quantities of food, it should have come with a larger container in its package. Nevertheless, the Robot Coupe R2N food processor is a great product that offers real value for money.

Robot Coupe R2N Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor Review

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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