From Jura comes the ability to become your own personal barista. How many times do we promise ourselves to brew coffee at home before work to save a few dollars, only to sneak into the local cafe for a cappuccino? Why not eliminate that step with their luxurious automatic coffee machine, perfect for making espresso, cappuccinos and more.

Jura 15216 D6

Automatic Coffee Machine Review

The D line is noted to have been designed with modern, sleek lines and quality materials that blend in with just about any modern home or office decor. Assembly is almost non-existent and the machine is intuitive to your coffee needs.

Perfectly ground, fresh coffee is a staple for many individuals around the world. The Jura combines efficiency and luxury with lightweight portability. Best of all, it’s compatible with your Smartphone.

Intelligent technology

This coffee maker is unlike any other, with a digital plain text display inclusive of a simple rotary dial to navigate through its 7 coffee specialties and other settings. The pre set coffee settings include two espresso options, two coffee options, a cappuccino, partial foam and of course – a hot water option.

Jura 15216 D6 Coffee Machine

Jura 15216 D6

Taking less than 60 seconds to brew, this coffee maker also offers complete customization. Manually adjust to your personal preference for coffee strength, which has four settings; mild, normal, strong and extra. Adjust the grinder to customize the kind of roast you would like. You can also customize how much you’d like in a cup to how tall your cup is. Easily brew two cups of coffee at a time by simply pressing the start button twice.

With Jura SmartConnect, easily connect the Jura coffee maker to your Smartphone using advanced bluetooth technology. The Jura Operating System application provides a user friendly interface where you can schedule brewing, check water filter levels, be alerted if levels are low and start or stop your brewing cycle.

Protect yourself by setting up a PIN, custom name your coffee choices and even assign them images. This truly puts the control of your perfect cup of coffee in your hands.

Perfect coffee in every cup

Quite a bit goes into enabling this machine to repeatedly brew the perfect cup of coffee. Equipped with an AromaG2 grinder which incorporates precision and speed in grinding fresh coffee beans. There is also an aroma preservation cover on the bean container, which preserves the aroma and integrity of the coffee bean after making it into finely ground coffee.

Jura 15216 D6 Review

Jura 15216 D6

Using Pulse Extraction Process technology, extraction of the ground bean occurs at precisely the right time each time to make a professional cup of coffee. It uses an intelligent water filtration system with RFID technology. This ensures that the Clearyl water filtration mechanism is always monitored to ensure its purity and if the reservoir needs refilling.

Upon first setup, you’re able to indicate the hardness level of your home’s water, which assists the coffee maker in calibrating the perfect cup of coffee. Alongside this, the Clearyl filter also defends against mineral buildup and other impurities that would otherwise disrupt the taste and quality of your coffee.

What’s more, the coffee machine and the filter wirelessly speak to each other, alerting you to any water issues via the machine and the smartphone app.

Self cleaning capabilities

Upon powering on and off the machine automatically does a full internal rinse of itself, so be sure to put a cup underneath to catch the water! The Jura is equipped with a funnel for cleaning tablets, which descale and sanitize the inner components of the coffee maker. The machine has a handy digital display icon that lets you know when maintenance is being performed and when it is complete.

Jura 15216 D6 Coffee Machine Review

Jura 15216 D6

As far as external maintenance is concerned, it’s as simple as emptying out your coffee grinds, rinsing the milk pipe and rinsing down the foam frother. Regular cleaning and maintenance of this machine is important for its longevity and the quality of coffee.

The Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine: combining specialty coffee with sophisticated technology

Gone are the days of bitter, poorly percolated pre-ground coffee. No more sneaky trips to the cafe down the street. This machine is self cleaning, intuitive and gives you full control over how your coffee is brewed.

From making two espresso at once, brewing the perfect cappuccino to being able to customize and control everything from the Smartphone application, this is truly revolutionary coffee making.

Give yourself the gift of perfectly calibrating taste, everytime. This is the power of the Jura D6.

Jura 15216 D6 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Jura Automatic Coffee Machine Review

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