Juicing – it’s a fast and easy way to bring essential nutrient-dense foods into your diet. A juicer does the work for you. All you have to do is drink! The juicer is particularly great for people who want a good diet but just aren’t into eating a lot of vegetables, or those who simply do not have the time to stop and eat a full meal.

Omega J8004 vs J8006 vs J8007S: Juicer Comparison

Omega J8004

Making your own healthy drinks, you have a new and exciting way to improve your diet. With a juicer, having a healthy eating plan is no longer such a hassle. This is a product you will be using daily, so it has to be dependable and easy to use, and dishwasher safe. With Omega juicers, you will be able to enjoy a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Finding an affordable product that is versatile in its usage while being easy to manage is a relief for any person looking for a healthier way to live. With these Omega Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer products, you can not only juice, but use the product to make scores of recipes.

All of the products come with a standard 15-year full warranty covering parts and performance. Here are a few of the product highlights that can help you decide which juicer is the best fit for you.

Omega J8006 vs J8007S vs J8004: Juicer Comparison

Omega J8006


The Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Quiet Dual-Stage Juicer has a 2-horsepower motor. The motor runs at a low speed of 80 revolutions per minute. Though it takes longer to make, a slower speed means less heat is produced during the time that the motor is turning, encouraging a rich juice that will keep longer, while keeping the integrity of healthy enzymes. Because of the lower heat, juices will last longer in the fridge, and will be packed with more healthy goodness with every usage. The motor itself features 150-watt power, and will continue to produce perfect juice, even after prolonged usage.

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer has a 2-horsepower motor as well. The motor standard of 80 revolutions per minute is the same, which means that the product needed to make healthy juices will be less than standard juicers. The motor features 150-watt power as well, making a healthy final product every time. With the versatility of the Omega product line, you can not just juice, but make many different products, such as butter from nuts, soy milk, and even baby food. You can make delicious frozen desserts, grind coffee, or mince or grind your own herbs using the powerful motor on the Omega J8006 will stand up to any amount of usage.

The Omega J8007s Juicer has a 2-horsepower, 80 revolutions per minute motor as well, but has a 200-watt motor instead of the older 150-watt motor. This means that the motor can take a higher electrical load while making it able to produce in a far higher demand. With a profile that is much the same as its predecessors, it is a little heavier – from an approximate 13 pounds to about 14 pounds. With the higher load capability, the Omega J8007s is able to produce much more demanding juicing needs, such as harder products like hard nuts and fruits like coconuts.

Omega J8007S vs J8004 vs J8006: Juicer Comparison

Omega J8007S

Conclusion: The three choices of juicers are able to not just meet, but able to exceed expectations in the world of juicing needs. The premise behind finding the perfect juicer is simply to eat better and find a healthier diet. Not only are the three juicers able to make healthy foods more available to the modern consumer, but they are also able to offer more options in food creativity.

Environmental Consciousness

The Omega J8004 Juicer is a clean and easy to use, and is able to encourage better environmental management. We all want to live a healthier life, but we also want to be able to use the products we buy more thoroughly. Just using the Omega J8004 means that you will be more successful in not adding to the local landfill with your waste products. The vegetables and fruits you use will be more productive with Omega products – the J8004 is a prime example. By using an Omega product, you throw away fewer food containers in the garbage, use fewer products, and lower unhealthy side effects of everyday consumption. Omega products are able to use less and produce more when you set up your meal plan.

The Omega J8006 Slow Speed Juicer continues to benefit the environment while saving money for the consumer. Though there is some presence of BPA (bisphenol-A) in the materials that make up the Omega J8006, the amount of BPAs is low. With the social understandings of BPA that are beginning to encourage us to be responsible for uses of chemicals in products, there are still a lot of changes that need to be made. Lowering the amount of BPA chemicals in our products is key to making our world a safer place. We are very conscious of our responsibility to the environment.

Omega J8004

Omega J8004

The Omega J8007s Slow Speed Juicer takes our consumer’s environmental concern to the next level. Not only does it help our consumers become more healthy and helps save money, but it also goes a step further. Because our company takes heed of the health of our environment, the Omega J8007s is now completely BPA-free, and is also dishwasher safe! Now, when you are focusing on helping your family eat healthier foods, you are also protecting the environment more than ever before. There is simply no doubt that you can find comfort and satisfaction by using the Omega J8007s to compliment a healthy lifestyle.

Conclusion: The new adventure of health and wellness is easy to attain. This is a major accomplishment when you know that you are adding an environmentally responsible awareness as a critical component to your and your family’s lifestyle. Using the Omega product line is a huge step in the right direction.


The Omega J8004 Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer has only one color – white with black accents. This color scheme does not in any way make a difference in the overall performance as compared to the other models. The footprint is the same as either of the other two models, so it is basically a matter of taste. When you are choosing the perfect color scheme for your kitchen, this is the only color to choose from. If you are simply looking for a versatile juicer for your family, the Omega J8004 is the most sensible choice to meet your needs perfectly.

Omega J8006

Omega J8006

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Juicer comes in multiple colors, and is basically the best option for an aesthetic value that better matches the décor of the owner’s kitchen scheme. There are choices of chrome, plus a brushed blue, pink, green, purple, red, and silver colors to choose from. These differences will help the juicer fit into a more discerning look at a kitchen utensil. With chrome and the color of your choice, you can spice up your kitchen’s looks to fit perfectly into your own distinctive style. No matter what the color, you simply can’t go wrong.

The Omega J8007s Nutrition Center Quiet Dual-Stage Masticating Juicer only comes in the color silver with black accents. With improvements on the equipment itself, the options of different colors changed as well. The silver gleam of the Omega J8007s definitely will not detract from its amazing versatility in the kitchen. The Omega juicer series are, in short, high-quality products that speak for themselves. There is quite simply no juicing enthusiast that will be disappointed by this Omega product. The look and the footprint are much the same as the previous models, and the quality is, of course, top tier.

Conclusion: Whatever the color scheme you desire, you will always find a product designed to meet your juicing needs. There is simply no way to not be a winner with the choice that you make. All in all, the Omega juicer you choose is going to be a top-quality product at an affordable price.

Omega J8007S

Omega J8007S


Making the decision to live a healthier lifestyle is great, but finding the best products to do so is the key to making the decision stick. This is a big decision! It’s hard to stick to healthy eating habits in this dog-eat-dog society. You’re always on the go, and stopping for a healthy meal may sometimes be simply too much to ask for many people.

When you can make a quick morning drink from fresh ingredients every day, without having to compromise for taste, it’s a win-win situation. Knowing your family is eating right while saving money is a plus, but when you add on the benefit of being more environmentally responsible, owning a juicer is the icing on the cake (so to speak).

Omega J8004 vs J8006 vs J8007S: Juicer Comparison

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