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Starting to do a lot of home cooking? If you are, then you’re porbably starting to scout for some really good cookware. Really good food, after all, depends on the quality, not only of the ingredients,, but also of the cookware that is used. Among the many cookware that you can think of buying, you wouldn’t want to leave out a really good cast iron Dutch oven, These are so versatile ad can be used for almost any cooking technique, whether it’s on a stove top or oven. They’re also easy to clean right after each use.

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When it comes to Dutch ovens, there are two premiere brands that are worth considering: Lodge and Le Creuset. Even most professionals will swear by these two brands.

Of course, as expected of any thing of quality, these two brands come with a hefty price tag. Naturally, if you were to invest in one, you would want to make sure that you get all your money’s worth.

Both have their pros and cons so it would be better to get more information in order to make a good comparison.

When choosing cookware, you would always want to have the option of having different sizes to pick from. When it comes to size, Le Creuset has a wider range of options compared to Lodge. Le Creuset offers Dutch ovens that can handle 9, 13.5 and 15.5 quart volumes. All of these can be used to make up to approximately 10 servings. The biggest Dutch oven for Lodge measures only 7.5 quarts. This can handle only up to 7 servings so this can be pretty limiting.

Color is another feature where Le Creuset has a upper ad. Le Creuset comes in a variety of colors, all of which are more bright and eye-catching than the darker colors of Lodge.

As for shape, the Lodge Dutch oven appears to be more curved. It also is more narrow in width at the bottom than the Le Creuset which has more straight sides and angles. This can make a difference when trying to fit in large-sized ingredients into the Dutch oven. An advantage of the curved bottom of the Lodge Dutch oven though is it might be easier to scoop out food from compared to bottoms which are flat and angled.

The lid as trivial as it may see, may also give you a different cooking experience. Le Creuset has a flatter lid than the lid of the Lodge which is a bit dome-shaped. Cooking food which has ingredients going a bit beyond the Dutch oven’s rim may be easier to cover with the Lodge lid. The knob of the lid of the Lodge is made of stainless steel designed to withstand temperatures of up to 500 deg. Fahrenheit. Le Creuset makes use of composite materials which is said to be able to withstand the same temperature as well. There are optional stainless steel knobs for an additional $20 which can be used to replace the original Le Creuset knobs.

The handles of the Le Creuset are quite wide enough to fit large oven mitts unlike the handles of the Lodge which are more narrow.
The finish of Le Creuset Dutch ovens are more polished as compared to Lodge which seem to present uneven surfaces. This just shows the quality that comes with French craftsmanship which the Le Creuset line is known for.

Cooking Efficiency
The thing with Dutch ovens is that they are supposed to be able to heat up on their own without having to turn the heat all the way up in the oven or on the stove top. Le Creuset Dutch ovens are able to heat up in a shorter amount of time, even at lower temperatures, Lodge Dutch ovens take more time to heat up while, at times, require high temperatures from the start of the cooking process.
Both, however, still result in pretty well-cooked food that can retain flavor. Meats also retain their succulence regardless of, whether the Dutch oven is a Le Creuset or Lodge.

Price Range
Le Creuset is one of the most expensive brands in the market when it comes to cookware. The Dutch oven that they manufacture is one of their most known products which demands a price. Compared to Le Creuset, Lodge is much more affordable. A Le Creuset Dutch oven will normally be priced at $300, which is way higher than a Lodge, which will be priced at $90.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Le Creuset better than the Lodge?
As a long-term investment, Le Creuset would probably be a better buy. It can be passed on from one generation to the next because of its durability, It craftsmanship is also better than the Lodge.

For regular use and a more budget-friendly price though, the Lodge Dutch ovens are worth your money as well.

Is it worth buying a Le Creuset Dutch oven?
The craftsmaship seen in Le Creuset Dutch ovens, as well as their durability makes them worth every dollar spent.

What are Dutch ovens used for?
They can be used for a variety of cooking methods like deep-frying, braising, stewing and even baking!

Why are Le Creuset Dutch ovens so expensive?
The detail put into manufacturing these Dutch ovens, as well as the craftsmanship involved, make for good quality, which Le Creuset Dutch ovens are known for.

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