KitchenAid KF26M22CA 6-Qt. Professional 600 Design Series Review

The KitchenAid KF26M22CA from the 600 Design Series is a versatile, stylish stand mixer. Getting rid of an old appliance and getting a new one that you will have for years to come can be a big decision, but after a lot of research, this stand mixer made the decision easy for us. Whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift, it will not disappoint. It will make you excited to cook and has the power to get anything mixed quickly, and all the glowing reviews say the same.

KitchenAid KF26M22CA 6-Qt. Professional 600 Design Series Review

Just saying that it’s great won’t make you want to use this mixer, you want to know about its features and the reasons behind the praise it receives. So, let us tell you why this KitchenAid model is the one for you.

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This beautiful stand mixer is a versatile machine that accepts any type of attachment you may need in your kitchen from a flat beater to a pasta roller. Its powerful motor, 67-Point Planetary Mixing Action, and 10 speed options give great bowl coverage and thorough yet fast mixing.

This sturdy 28lb stand mixer comes with an included 6-quart glass bowl and three attachments for the main mixer that will cover a wide range of mixing needs. There are optional attachments that you may purchase later if you need something very specific. Whether you’re making holiday cookies or a loaf of bread, this mixer will help you get the best quality product.

KitchenAid KF26M22CA 6-Qt. Professional 600 Design Series


This mixer can help you make almost anything in the kitchen, and it doesn’t just mix. You can knead dough, whisk batter, or fluff up some icing; even make fresh pasta or shred ingredients with one of its 12 optional attachments for the Power Hub (located on the front of the machine).

This machine can turn into many others in one, saving space and giving you the freedom to experiment and try new things in the kitchen. Try to make that bread that you always wanted to make!

It is commonly said in the few negative reviews that some of the attachments do not reach the bottom of the glass bowl, which is necessary to make some things like whipped egg whites. This can be solved by getting a metal bowl or a flex beater attachment, as the glass was specifically designed this way to keep it in good shape with no scratching. Though we do not mind a little spatula work for such a product that is so great otherwise.

KitchenAid KF26M22CA 600 Design Series

6-Quart Glass Bowl

The sleek glass bowl that comes with the machine is quite large. If you tend to need to make large batches of goods at once, this will be great for you. It can make up to 13 dozen cookies at once, or easily whip up 8lbs of mashed potatoes for a large family dinner. Since its glass, you can make sure your mixes and batters are thoroughly incorporated at just a glance, and the glass handle makes for easy pouring.

This bowl is completely dishwasher-safe, which makes for easy cleanup. Although you can put the bowl in the dishwasher, it is recommended that the attachments are washed by hand or else the coating may come off and lower the quality of the product. This may take a little extra time, but to us it is worth it to preserve the quality.

KitchenAid KF26M22CA


This stand mixer will look beautiful on your kitchen counter. According to the reviews, some people buy it just because it looks so great and are later surprised by the high quality. It comes in many colors to match any kitchen and looks good enough that if you don’t have room to store it, you can keep it out without sacrificing the aesthetic.

The great quality is not sacrificed for looks, this machine has both. Anyone would be happy to receive this as a gift if you already have one for yourself. You’ll be the talk of the wedding or house warming party if you bring this as a gift.

KitchenAid KF26M22CA: Final Thoughts

This KitchenAid KF26M22CA Stand Mixer not only looks great but performs wonderfully as well. The versatility alone will make you want to cook more, and will help you produce great quality food. The 6-quart glass bowl can handle very large jobs, which makes it perfect for parties or large families. The endless attachment options make it so you always have the tools you need. This is truly one of the best stand mixers, and the reviews agree with that sentiment.

KitchenAid KF26M22CA 6-Qt. Professional 600 Design Series Review

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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