How to Steam/Froth Milk on the Stove?

Fuzzy socks and comfy blanket weather is finally here, and with the end of the pandemic still nowhere in sight, most of us are dusting off our kettles, getting our hot cocoa powders, looking through tea catalogues, and purchasing mugs with funny sayings to endure a cozy stay-at-home winter.

Unfortunately, thanks to the fast paced life we’ve been living so far, and thanks to great skills of hardworking baristas all across the globe, most of us are not entirely comfortable or equipped to create elaborate drinks at home. And, so, as many hot-beverage lovers will be sadly cut off from their regular suppliers, we might find ourselves daydreaming about latter arts and London fogs, wishing our bland teas and coffees had just a bit more of the charm and deliciousness that frothed milk brings to any drink.

But did you know that being at home and not having a fancy espresso machine is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a nice latte? Frothing milk requires little time and effort, meaning you can still indulge in those delicious hot beverages while sitting on your couch with your pets and binging the latest Netflix original series.

Frothing milk is a simple process that injects air into the milk while simultaneously heating it, creating the tiny little bubbles responsible for making that soft airy texture. You can easily achieve this with the help of your stove top and either a small battery-operated frothing wand or a simple metal whisk.

Below you can find the instructions on how to froth milk on the stove, as well as some tips to ensure that your lattes will have the same elegance and taste as the ones made at your favorite coffee shop.

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To froth milk from your stove top, all you need to do is follow these simple directions:

1. Pour cold milk into a sauce pan and heat up on medium-low heat until you see steam rising.
2. Once the milk is warm, begin beating the milk with either a wire whisk or a small battery-operated frothing wand. If you have an electric powered whisk that you use for cakes and other baking goods, that could work as well.
3. Keep this up for 2 to 5 minutes, until you’ve reached the desired texture.
4. Carefully pour the froth milk on your drink.
5. Enjoy!

In order to achieve the best possible frothed milk, keep these tips in mind:

The smaller the bubbles, the denser and more stable the milk froth is.
Because it contains less fat, skim milk tends to make for a more stable foam. However, it also tends to be less creamy. Try out with different types of milk and see which one you like best with your favorite hot beverage.
To stabilize the foam, tap the base of the pan to help break up any remaining large bubbles.
When moving the wand or whisk, make small up and down circles to ensure an even texture throughout.
If using a whisk, remember that the faster you move, the airier the foam will be.
The best milk froth is served between 65ºC and 70ºC (149ºF to 158ºF).

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