Cozyna Air Fryer XL (5L) Review

Love fried food but hate the excessive grease? Hate cleaning the grease that stains most parts of your kitchen? Introducing your ideal kitchen helper in preparing excellent fried food, the air fryer. Many are still not familiar with air fryer; this is because it is still in its early stages.

Air Fryer XL by Cozyna

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However, it has been gaining popularity among many consumers for its convenience and many benefits. If you are new to the concept of a hot air fryer or just interested in finding out more about air fryers in general, then the Air Fryer XL by Cozyna might be the air fryer you are looking for.

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Air fryers are getting more and more famous due to its convenience and healthy style of frying food without or less oil. It serves as the alternative choice for frying food in the healthier way and help to reduce the cholesterol and obesity among the people in our society toward the live long life.

If you already own one, you may still find this product useful as it also contains several decent recipes and ideas that will help you make the most of your new kitchen aid. This could never be more so than if you are trying to cut down on the fats in your diet. Whether this is to lose weight or for other medical reasons. So, you may have guessed, there are two types of low-fat fryer – a combination more ‘standard’ type and then the low-fat air versions such as this Air Fryer from Cozyna.

Air Fryer XL by Cozyna

Where conventional deep fat fryers will require you to submerge the food in hot oil, the Cozyna Air Fryer XL circulate very hot air heated up to 200c to heat the food and provide a crispy outer layer. The air is forced around the food, making this type of frying a much healthier option. Food is cooked quickly and cleanly with handmade thin cut chips taking from as little as 12 minutes based on the product, and oven-ready French fries take a little less time as they are partly cooked already.

Cozyna Air Fryer Features

The Cozyna XL comes in a family size and is classified as a low-fat deep fryer. The unit can hold 5 liters (5.3 QT) which makes cooking for the family a piece of cake! Just position your ingredients in the container, include oil if preferred, select your time and temperature, and experience the quality of air frying.

Air Fryer XL

This air fryer prepares food by using 70% less fat. The Cozyna XL Airfryer is the best option to deep fry food as it only needs a tablespoon of oil or less! This implies, on average, you’ll use 70% less fat while still getting all your favorite grilled, baked, roasted and fried meals.

The Cozyna Air Fryer XL (5L) multi cooker is basically a fryer, grill and oven all-in-one. Now it is simple to fry, grill, roast, and bake all your favorite meals with a single cooking product! This air fryer comes with a recipe book, which includes healthy deep fried recipes.

This air fryer is larger compared to other air fryers on the market. You can easily say it serves family portions. Be careful that this unit doesn’t blow away light vegetables. Including pepperoni or mushroom toppings! But that is because of the way this air fryer operates. Circulating hot air to cook and crisp the food, nothing to do with the efficiency of this the Cozyna.

Cozyna Air Fryer XL

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How the Cozyna Air Fryer Works

The Air Fryer XL by Cozyna (5L) uses super hot air to make your food crispy yet without the excessive grease that comes with it. By using an air fryer, you are basically eating healthier because unlike most conventional ways of frying food, you are not using fat to cook your food.

The air fryer uses a technology called Rapid Air Technology, which basically means using hot air to cook your food. This advance technology works by circulating the air up to a maximum temperature of 200C and cook the food using this super heated air.

By using an air fryer, the quality of food is still maintained minus the greasiness that comes with frying them in oil. Cozyna claims that this air fryer will be able to cook the food nicely with less than 70% of fat compared to normal oil fryers. This air fryer has an automatic timer and can cook food up to more than 30 minutes.

The Cozyna Air Fryer can cook anything from potato chips, chicken nuggets, fish and even steaks. Not only that, apart from frying food, you can also bake cakes using this device. Cakes are said to be baked in just 25 minutes. By using the air fryer, it still maintains the browning effect on the food without burning them.

The hot air in the device uses the fan and grill to circulate the hot air around the food to make sure every part of the food is evenly cooked and browned. Apart from that, it also keeps fried food crispy without having to compromise your health.

The shape of an air fryer is like a rice cooker and the design also features removable trays for cleaning convenience. The top part of the air fryer is the fan and grill while the bottom part comes with a pullout basket that has two compartments.

Cozyna Air Fryer XL (5L) Review

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Cozyna Air Fryer XL: Final Words

Many have doubts of the fact that it will not be as tasty as the food that is cooked the conventional way and there are a few who are not convinced that the air fryer can produce quality food by using minimal oil. The best way to get an answer is to try the Air Fryer XL by Cozyna out yourself to find out.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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