COSORI Air Fryer Review (CP137-AF model)

Imagine a fryer that utilizes little to no oil, but still makes food with the same taste and crispiness as a traditional deep fryer. That is exactly what the Cosori Air Fryer does.

It utilizes an effective circulation of hot air to prepare a wide range of food. You can enjoy a guilt-free indulgence of fries, without a single worry that you may be shedding away some years of your life.

With more than 100 recipes under its resume, there is virtually no food that this air fryer cannot prepare. It is also faster than conventional ovens and features an easy to operate LED One Touch Digital Screen, which allows for stress-free convenience.

COSORI Air Fryer Review

11 Cooking Functions

Contrary to its name, the Cosori Air Fryer is not just a fryer. This device is an oven that utilizes effective hot air circulation internally to cook food evenly. It has eleven preset cooking functions that are easily activated by pressing the buttons on its LED one-touch digital screen.

Owing to its wide range of cooking options, this fryer can prepare any type of food. Aside from fries, it can also roast veggies, cook up eggs, prepare any protein dish and even whip up various desserts. Included in the packaging is a Cosori recipe book with 100 original food ideas to help you jumpstart your Cosori experience.

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Stress-free Healthy Foods

The most important feature of the Cosori Air Fryer is the ability to prepare healthy foods. Using the highly efficient air frying method of cooking, this appliance uses little to no oil, sometimes as little as a tablespoon to cook food.

As a result, air fried food has 85% less fat than food prepared from a deep fryer. What is even amazing is that the Cosori Air Fryer produces food with the exact taste, texture, and crispiness like food prepared by a deep fryer.

COSORI CP137-AF Air Fryer Review

Unique Preheating Feature

The Cosori Air Fryer is among the few air fryers that comes with a preheating option. The benefit of preheating is that it improves the texture and hue of the food and makes it crispier. This air fryer takes about 2 to 5 minutes to preheat before the food is loaded into it.

The short preheating time beats all the traditional ovens, which require about 15 minutes to preheat. It saves both time and energy costs.
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Convenient Temperature Range

It has a temperature range between 170F- 400F (77C- 205C), which is enough to prepare most dishes. Another commendable feature of the Cosori is its ability to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius easily.

This makes it convenient for overseas markets with different units of measurements. It also has a time range from 1 minute to 60 minutes, which offers greater flexibility to prepare a wide range of dishes with different cook times.


Shake for an even fry

This feature is unique to this Air Fryer. It has a shake reminder feature that alerts you to remove the basket and shake the contents in it to allow for even cooking. Unlike in a normal deep fryer where you are guided by your instincts to shake the contents, the Cosori Air Fryer will let you know when to do it.

It is worth noting that you will not be able to enjoy the luxury of viewing the progress of the food once the basket is lodged into the fryer. Luckily, the shake feature compensates for that. This feature is very convenient, and we would like to thank the manufacturer for such a commendable job.
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Keep Warm & Auto Shutoff Functions

With a “keep warm” function, this fryer takes away the need for rewarming cold food which alters its taste and flavors. The Cosori Air Fryer keeps the cooked food at the right temperatures up to the time you will be ready to eat it.

It also has an auto shutoff function that kicks into gear when the appliance is left idle for some time. This saves on energy costs and reduces the chances of heat/electrical based accidents.

COSORI CP137-AF Air Fryer

Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Basket

The highlight of the fryer is a detachable basket that is easily dislodged from the appliance. It can be easily carried to the dishwasher for easy cleaning. You can also carry it to the prep area and load the food there, instead of carrying the ingredients to the appliance which may lead to more messes.

The baskets are also constructed from PFOA-free nonstick material, which makes them very easy to clean. Aside from cleaning the baskets, the Cosori Air Fryer has very little maintenance requirements, which makes it very convenient and stress-free.

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CosoriCosori Air Fryer 2020 Black 5.8QTCosori Original Air Fryer Black 3.4QTCosori Air Fryer Red 3.7QTCosori Air Fryer White 3.7QTCosori Original Air Fryer 5.8QTCosori Stainless steel Air Fryer
Included100 Recipes30 Recipes & Quick Reference GuideRack & 4 Skewers, 100 RecipesRack & 4 Skewers, 100 Recipes30 Recipes & 8 Recipes GuideRack & 5 Skewers, 100 Recipes
Presets10 Customizable Presets11119
Shake RemindCustomizable Shake RemindYesYes
VoltageAC 120VAC 120VAC 120VAC 120VAC 120VAC 120V
PriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price

Final Words

The Cosori air Fryer is a great cooking appliance. With its unorthodox style of cooking, this appliance has all your best interests at heart.

Apart from the fact that it can cook a wide range of foods, it also prepares food with very little oil making it one of the healthiest ways of cooking. This fryer is a great addition to your kitchen, and it will take up far much less space than a traditional oven.

COSORI Air Fryer

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