Cosmo 63175 30-in Wall-Mount Range Hood Review

The Cosmo brand is well respected and very experienced when it comes to culinary appliances that excel in function, ease of assembly and modern luxury. The Cosmo 63175 30 inch Wall-Mount range hood is a prime example of their prowess.

Cosmo 63175

Wall-Mount Range Hood Review

This range hood is designed for the modern homeowner with a flair for DIY home renovations, but who also likes to keep their space looking modern without sacrificing functionality. This unit fills that need with its economical dishwasher safe filters and an easy installation kit.

Adding to the convenience, this range comes available with a ductless convertible option. This feature requires a carbon filter that is sold separately. The range automatically comes duct ready and comes with all applicable pipes and materials needed for proper assembly.

Regardless of if ductless or ducted is the venting method that works for you and your home layout, this hood will ensure that harmful bacteria, grease, and kitchen odors are vented up and away from your kitchen.

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Easy assembly with modern touches

Weighing in at an impressively lightweight 32 pounds and measuring 19.75 x 30 x 39.4 in inches, this range hood brings function and form to your modern kitchen. Featuring a unique pyramid style design, this range is extremely effective for moving smells and grease up and away from your home.

Cosmo 63175 Range Hood
Cosmo 63175

Assembly is simple. Along with the hardware itself, it also includes detailed assembly instructions, a 6 inch duct pipe, air backdraft damper, and chimney flue duct covers. It uses a standard 120 voltage 3 prong plug, making life that much easier for you.

Sleek, energy efficient LED lights and user friendly illuminated push button controls ensures that this range brings simple but powerful efficiency to your everyday life. The 30 inch hood is made of sturdy brushed stainless steel, making it almost too easy to clean.

The permanent, designer Cosmo ARC-FLOW filters do not need to be replaced – ever. They are dishwasher safe with an unlimited number of washes. Normal aluminum filters only have about 3 or 4 washes maximum, which can get expensive as you continually replace them. Not only does the Cosmo keep your kitchen air clean and free of contaminants, but it makes the maintenance of the unit extremely easy, which therefore extends the life of the range hood.

Comfortably quiet with powerful air flow

This high efficiency hood features 760 CFM, which offers powerful suction. This makes venting smells and harmful air an absolute breeze. You have a motor with a 3 speed fan option, which runs at a maximum of 65 decibels.

Cosmo 63175 30-in Wall-Mount Range Hood
Cosmo 63175

Forget the loud, aggressive, one setting fans of stoves and range hoods of yore. Choose from high, medium or low suction depending on what you’re cooking. At 65 decibels, this unit is quiet and comfortable and is barely louder than a casual conversation.

Steam, high heat, grease, cooking odors and harmful bacteria are no match for the innovative brushed stainless steel coupled with a 3 speed fan. As we’ve covered, brushed stainless steel is extremely easy to clean, but it’s also long lasting and exactly what a high quality range hood should be made of.

It’s also important to note that according to the National Institute of Health, long term exposure to contaminants produced by various cooking elements can cause pulmonary health issues and unpleasant respiratory symptoms. Having a properly functioning range hood is very important.

Peace of mind that’s USA based

Take comfort in the generous 5 year limited parts warranty with trustworthy USA based customer service. From assembly questions to troubleshooting, you can rest assured that your needs will be met promptly and best of all, locally.

Cosmo 63175 Wall-Mount Range Hood Review
Cosmo 63175

Serving modern culinary style with a side of efficiency

Home renovations can often be stressful. Not only draining physically but also can be a drain on the bank account if care isn’t taken to select the right products. You don’t want to end up with a product that is problematic and unreliable that requires replacement or frequent troubleshooting.

The Cosmo range hood avoids all of this potential headache with it’s 5 year limited warranty and easily accessible, US based customer service team.

Why not ensure that your kitchen looks as sleek and as modern as the Joneses, with reliable and efficient function to boot. With revolutionary washable filters that last eons longer than traditional aluminum filters, economical LED lights so you can see exactly what you’re doing while cooking and powerful suction that quickly vents away harmful bacteria, grease, steam and general cooking odor…this range hood is an absolute no brainer.

Cosmo 63175 30-in Wall-Mount Range Hood Review

Cosmo Wall-Mount Range Hood Review

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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