Coffee Grinder for Moka Pot: Info Guide

Imagine having the ability to make espresso at home without having to invest in those overly complicated and expensive machines that baristas use? Well, with a Moka Pot you can enjoy all the espresso you want and at a far much cheaper price. And no! It is not a new invention. The Moka Pot has been with us since 1933, but we lost track of its existence owing to its reputation to make bitter coffee. This coffee brewer has risen to relevancy again thanks to new refined ways of brewing Moka’s style of coffee.

Coffee Grinder for Moka Pot

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Brewing with the Moka Pot is not hard as its name may suggest. In fact, it makes a “moka-ry” (mockery) of the whole artistry of espresso making. The secret lies in the coffee granules. They have to be freshly ground immediately before the brewing process, in order to preserve all the rich flavors and nutrients. Secondly, the granules have to be consistently fine or medium fine in terms of grind size. But, not extremely fine like in real espresso machines, as they may cause filter screen clog and lead to dangerous levels of pressure build up in the pot.

We want to point out that the espresso made with this pot is not the actual espresso, but it is the closest you can get with such a cheap coffee maker. The difference lies in the pressure used- real espresso machines use 8-10 bars of pressure, while the Moka Pot can only generate 1-2 bars. The good thing is that you cannot really taste the difference. Furthermore, you may create espresso like drinks, such as a latte or cappuccino by topping it with steamed milk or even an Americano by mixing it with hot water.

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Coffee Grinder for Moka Pot

Like we have just mentioned, grind the roasted coffee minutes before the brewing process to retain all the flavors. Roasted coffee beans can retain their flavors for two weeks, while ground coffee can only keep them for 30 minutes tops. Unfortunately, the Moka Pot does not come with a coffee grinder. So, which is the best coffee grinder for Moka Pot?

Burr coffee grinders are the best type of coffee grinders for Moka Pot. They produce the desired uniform ground size and can be adjusted to grind different sizes of coffee. The only problem is that they are quite costly and uncommon in your average grocery store. They are however very durable and will give you value for your money.

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Pre-brewing Tips

· Select the right size of Moka Pot. The pots are designed based on the number of cups they may produce per brewing session. For instance, a pot with 1 cup capacity of water can only produce the same amount of coffee. You cannot therefore purchase a large pot and expect to produce half the amount of coffee. Like, a 6-cup pot cannot be half filled to produce 3-cups of coffee. It has to be filled fully to its capacity, in order for it to work.

· Pre-heat the water before you put it into the pot. The reason why people complained of the coffee being bitter was because they overexposed it to heat. When you pre-heat the water, you reduce the time the Moka pot will be on the stove, which will also reduce the chances of the ground coffee being cooked.
· Have the proper measurements. This is quite easy. For the ground coffee, just fill the coffee basket to the brim and level it with a knife preferably or anything with a flat surface. For the water, simply fill up the bottom chamber up to the release valve.

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How to Make Coffee with a 2 Cup Moka Pot

The process is not complex. You will need the following:

· Coffee freshly roasted
· Moka pot
· Burr coffee grinder


Step 1: Using the Burr coffee grinder, grind the roasted beans to a fine or medium fine size.

Step 2: Boil water and then fill it up into the water chamber up to the release valve.

Step 3: Fill the filter basket with the finely ground coffee and level it with a knife.

Step 4: Place the filter basket on the bottom compartment. Screw up the upper chamber to the bottom compartment to complete the assembly. Handle the bottom compartment with care because it is very hot from the heated water.

Step 5: Set the stove heat to medium and place the Moka pot on it.

Step 6: When you hear a bubbling and hissing sound then the coffee is ready and you should turn off the stove. Remove the pot and place it on a cold surface to cool it off quickly and to prevent the over extracted and bitter coffee liquid from funneling to the nicely brewed coffee.

Step 7: Serve and Enjoy.

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· The coffee making process is simple. When the water boils in the bottom chamber, it will ascend as pressure to the coffee filter. It will then dissolve the flavor and constituents of the grounds, which will then funnel to the upper chamber as a liquid with golden honey color. It takes between 5 to 10 minutes, before the brewing process begins.
· If you see spurts and spews during heating, then the heat is too high. You should reduce it down a bit.
· If ten minutes elapse and you don’t hear any sounds, then the heat is too low. Increase it a bit.

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