Coffee Grinder for Aeropress: Info Guide

Buying a Coffee Aeropress is a perfect starting place for those wanting to make better coffee from home; it is also great for those looking to tinker or perfect their brewing recipe. It is a single cup brewer that is wildly popular, rather portable, and it simply produces a very good cup of coffee over and over much more so than with other manual brewers. The way people brew with Aeropress varies wildly; some people brew with the Aeropress as it was intended, the Aeropress centered over a cup basket on the bottom no steeping while others prefer the inverted method which requires using the Aeropress upside-down and allows you to steep the brew as long as you would like.

Coffee Grinder for Aeropress

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The Best Coffee Grinder for Aeropress

The best coffee grinder for Aeropress is the grinder that is good in the first place and one that is well suited for the kind of coffee the Aeropress makes. The easiest way to tell if a grinder is good or bad for Aeropress is the grinder type. There are types of grinders: the blade grinders and the burr grinders.

The blade grinders essentially chop up the coffee beans like a blender while the burr grinders crush the coffee beans. The burr grinders usually produce more consistent coffee grind. However, some burr grinders make use of ghost burrs which smash rather than crushing the beans. These are the cheap burr grinders, and they are usually less effective.

When buying burr grinders, look for those that have conical burrs that will crush the beans. Also, make sure the grinder you buy can produce a consistent fine grind. Manual adjustable ceramic burr coffee grinders are usually cheaper than electrical burr grinders. Manual grinders tend to scorch the grinds and overheat the beans, thereby affecting the flavor of the coffee. These grinders slowly mince the coffee beans in such a way that the flavor is maximized. You should avoid the blade grinders if you can; this is because your coffee won’t taste as good if this type of grinder is used.

Again, you do not need to buy the most expensive models of burr grinders to get the best coffee when it comes to Aeropress.

What are the best coffee grinders?

The Aeropress is relatively forgiving when it comes to the quality of grinders, although a switch from pre-ground coffee to freshly ground coffee beans will improve the taste of your coffee drink significantly. When it comes to French press and pour-over, the grind size is more important but not in this case. If you are not on a budget, you can certainly go with a high-end grinder, but for those who are budget-minded, a regular burr grinder will do the job.

Why Should You Grind the Coffee Beans Yourself?

It is always better if you can grind the coffee beans yourself, when you grind yourself and use them as fresh as possible it is going to benefit the flavor and aroma of your Aeropress coffee. This is because whole beans retain their freshness much better than when they are ground.

Pre-ground coffee is not so good because coffee begins to stale as soon as it is ground, this is because the oils and other compounds in the coffee beans that give the coffee its flavor degrade and evaporate many times quicker due to the increased exposure of the surface area to air.

How should I grind coffee for aeropress?

A lot of people presume that pre-ground coffee that has been vacuumed sealed will have its flavor preserved, but the truth is that even airtight packaging can’t prevent the coffee beans from losing their flavor.

Grinding your coffee by yourself before brewing is the best way to ensure that you get the boldest flavor and your beans do not lose its subtleties regardless of the grind size that you ultimately use.

What is the best manual coffee grinder?

The Best Grind Size for Aeropress

Most Aeropress recipes require a medium-fine or medium-coarse grind size; the grind size does not have to be perfectly consistent for you to get a decent cup. The Aeropress has excellent filters which help to sift out most of the fine particles of coffee that tend to end up in the mug with other brewing methods.

Finding the grind size that is best for you may take some time, but it is going to be worth it at the end of the day. Once you finally find a grind size you like, leave the settings on your grinder the same so that you can then grind straight from your manual burr grinder into the Aeropress.

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