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Breville is a brand that has been known for their espresso machines which can be used for the home. They have successfully launched entry-level espresso machines, such as the Barista Express. They have also come up with top-of-the-line models, the Oracle and Oracle Touch.

These models showcase features such as digital temperature control, automatic tampers and stainless steel double boilers. To add further convenience, the Oracle Touch includes a colored touchscreen display with pre-programmed settings. As expected, this requires that you shell out some extra bucks as well. Are the extra features worth the extra expense though?

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The design of the Oracle Touch doesn’t differ much from the Oracle I terms of size and color. As for dimension, the Oracle is slightly wider and taller, measuring at 14.5”x14.7”x17.6”, compared to the Oracle Touch which measures 12”x15”x 14”. Both come in that brushed stainless steel look that Breville is known for, although the Oracle Touch may also come in black.

The burr o both the Oracle and Oracle Touch are conical burrs. Their bean hoppers can accommodate up to ½ pound of coffee beans and their water tanks have the same capacity of 84 fl.ozs.

The difference between the two, however, is made obvious by their displays, as well as the features that go with them.

The Oracle has an LCD display which shows information regarding temperature and the machine’s current settings. It also makes use of physical buttons to adjust settings with one particular button dedicated for brewing americanos.

The Oracle Touch makes use of a touchscreen colored display for its settings. Except for the power button, everything else is controlled though the touchscreen.

Coffee extraction is not a problem for both machines since both can produce espresso that is at par with those found in coffee shops. Their main parts are not so different from each other and that is why the espresso they produce is actually of good quality. Bot machines have digital temperature control. They also have commercial-grade over-pressure valves to make sure that pressure during extraction doesn’t go beyond ideal levels. They also have dual boilers – one meant for coffee extraction and another dedicated for steaming milk. When it comes to milk frothing, both have automatic microfoam milk texturing functions and self-cleaning steam wands.

The best feature of both machines though is the automatic grinder and tamper. Tamping plays an important role in the extraction process since tamping pressure may affect the flavor of the extracted coffee. Both the Oracle and Oracle Touch exert just the right amount o tamping pressure to 22g of coffee grounds, which is automatically dispensed by the grinder. This part of the extraction process is then made to be more precise than the usual manual process used when using ordinary espresso machines.

Programmed Settings
The Oracle Touch comes with five pre-programmed options for the more usual espresso-based coffee preparations: the americano, latte, flat white, cappuccino and ordinary espresso. The settings can be customized to meet your personal preferences when it comes to the milk and water temperature as well as the milk texture. These settings can be saved and named, again, according to your personal preference.

The Oracle doesn’t come with pre-programmed options, although it does come with a button dedicated brewing americano. The Oracle allows for you to customize milk texture and temperature settings, although the Oracle Touch is more reliable when it comes to customization.

Final Words
There is no question that both the Oracle and Oracle Touch are excellent espresso machines. Both are able to brew espresso quite efficiently, although the Oracle Touch does offer more convenience. The Oracle Touch comes with pre-programmed settings and is fully automatic For inexperienced users who love their espresso this takes the guesswork out of espresso brewing. This shouldn’t discourage those who are baristas at heart though since the Oracle is customizable and the settings can be set to one’s own preference.

The Oracle doesn’t have pre-programs like the Oracle Touch. For those who have more experience in brewing ad who already have their personal preferences, the Oracle is, in itself, a good buy. The main features which matter in coffee extraction are in both machines, including automatic grinding and tamping.

Either way, one can’t go wrong with the Oracle or Oracle Touch. Both deliver excellent results and both will definitely not disappoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How different is the Oracle from the Oracle Touch?
The Oracle and Oracle Touch mainly differ in the LCD touchscreen panel and the preprogrammed coffee preparations found in the Oracle Touch.

Is it worth buying the Breville Oracle?
The Breville Oracle, even without the full features of the Oracle Touch is still worth every penny. The steam wand and frothing functions are quite good for milk texturization. The automatic grinding and tamping feature as well as other features like digital temperature control which makes coffee extraction as precise as possible.

Which espresso machine is worth buying?
When it comes to kitchen appliances, Breville has always been a trustworthy company. Their espresso machines follow the same quality standard that the company has always upheld. For those who want to buy a good quality espresso machine but are limited by a budget, Breville offers model under its Barista line. The Oracle line is available for those who are willing to invest in espresso machines that have full features.

How often should descaling be done?
Breville recommends that descaling be done once a month. A change of filters should be done every two months.


Breville BES980XL Oracle

Breville Oracle Touch


Breville BES980XL Oracle
Breville BES980XL Oracle
Breville BES980XL Oracle
Breville Oracle Touch
Breville Oracle Touch
Breville Oracle Touch

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