Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine Review

A convenient lifestyle is what many people look forward to these days. When your morning starts with the ring of an alarm clock, you know that you’re in for a rush. The last thing you would want is to think about how to prepare your favorite go to morning beverage. YOUR COFFEE. It isn’t a wonder why coffee shops make a killing these days. It’s because they offer convenience, quick and easy. But what if you could have that same kind of convenience right in your own homw? The Oracle Touch from Breville offers just that – convenience. For coffee lovers who simply don’ot have the time to bother with every single aspect of espresso making, the Oracle Touch is a perfect alternative to daily runs to the coffee shop. It is a fully automatic machine that does everything from the grinding process to coffee extraction and yes! It will even froth the milk if needed! Everything comes at a simple tap on a screen which will give you different options and different coffee preparations.

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The Oracle Touch comes at a hefty price. Yet, despite this, many still opt to get this product since it is said to be the perfect alternative to coffee shop brews. It can deliver just about any coffee drink imaginable all with a simple step. Convenience without compromising on quality. But is the hype that surrounds the Oracle Touch for real? An in-depth review of this product will, hopefully, help you decide for yourself if the hype and price is all worth it.

Unlike other coffee machines, the Breville Oracle Touch is a fully automatic coffee machine. This simply means that every step needed for brewing is completely done by the machine. The machine takes away all the fuss from coffee brewing from bean grinding, to tamping, to brewing and even milk frothing.
It comes with a touchscreen which shows you settings for coffee strength, milk texture and temperature. You get to adjust all of these according to your preference. The result is a perfet brew that is made based on your taste.
All that is left for you to do is to swipe and tap.

It would take more than a short review to discuss all the many features of the Oracle Touch in detail. It simply is such a versatile machine due to the fact that the settings and options it offers can be adjusted in several ways, each resulting in a different tasting brew. It has so much to offer in terms of combination settings that you can even come up with your very own recipe just by a tweak of the settings!
What makes the use of the Oracle Touch even better is the overall design that makes it so easy to use. Whether it’s a shot of espresso, a latte, flat white or hot chocolate, the operating remains plain and simple.
Despite everything being fully automated, the Oracle Touch doesn’t feel limiting. It leaves much room for one’s creativity, enough to create a personal recipe.

It would be too much, probably, to demand for perfection. Like all other things, the Oracle Express Touch does have a downside.
If space is an issue in your home, the you have to think twice before purchasing the Oracle Touch because this will take up space. LOTS OF SPACE! It isn’t only wide, but it is also a bit tall. The bean hopper adds much to the height of the machine. The size makes it difficult to fit inside a cabiet or even under a shelf. It will definitely need a wide open space on your kitchen counter that will be free of anyt object or shelf coming from above.
The hopper is also quite difficult to lock and unlock. The locking mechanism is placed below the hopper, making it quite difficult to maneouver.

It can be pretty exciting to get things running after unboxing your Breville Oracle Touch.
It would be useful to read up on some tips and recommendations though to make sure that you can take full advantage of this machine.
1. Make sure to wash all removable parts of the machine to mak sure that everything is clean.
2. Start by putting your grinder settings initially to fine.
3. Familiarize yourself with the settings menu and the different options that the machine has to offer.
4. Fill up the water tank.
5. Know the hardness of your water and adjust settings accordingly.
The Breville Oracle Touch, even though fully automatic, still makes use of a portafilter. Along with the portafilter comes loads of accessories that you won’t expect to get from an automatic espresso machine like the Oracle Touch.
1. Portafiter handle with a double spout
2. Portabasket for double espressos.
3. Portabasket for single espressos
4. Blind basket for cleaning purposes
5. A knock box for disposing used grounds from the portafilter
6. Stainless steel milk pitcher

Unlike other Breville models, the baskets that come with the Oracle Touch are the same as those used by professional baristas. The overall quality and look of all the accessories are pretty much like those seen on coffee shops.
The Oracle Touch, due to its stainless steel body, is quite heavy at 46 pounds. Despite its hefty weight, it still is movable. This is because of the roller bearings installed on the machine. The bearings can be unlocked in case you feel like moving the machine to a different position.
The water tank can either be a pullout type located at the back of the machine. It can also come as a fillable jug. Many prefer to use the refillable jug type. Keep in mind that regardless of tank type, it is important to keep the tanks clean in between uses.
A power button switches the machine on. A setup menu soon appears on the screen to guide you through the brewing process. The touch menu is clearly explained along with very clear icons, leaving little room for misunderstanding. The menu also includes sliding scales that are clearly explained for you to make adjustments which you feel are necessary for your brew.
Once all adjustments have been made, all that is left for you to do is to load the beans into the hopper and you’re all set!

The Oracle Touch is a very impressive machine. It is, however, not without fault. One of the things to be said about the Oracle Touch is the difficulty you may encounter when updating the firmware. In order to do so, the mahine has to sent for service for upates. It would have been better to have the machine linked to some internet connection to remove the inconvenience of having to transport the machine for updates.
What is lacking in the menu are settings for macchiatos and teas that can be preapred under specific water settings. Although tinkering with the settings can produce those specific drinks, it would probably have been better if these were already part of the options, considering the fact that these are quite common preparations.
While having everything at the tap of a screen may seem convenient, some things still seem better with physical controls. A traditional steam knob, for one, seems like it can give a more familiar feel to the machine.
It would also be good to provide the user with a quick guide as to how each particular setting functions so the operator will have an idea of what may happen when he plays around with a particular option on the settings.
Given its overall performance though, the Breville Oracle Touch Express is indeed quite an impressive machine. It provides the convenience that one seeks in an espresso machine without sacrificing on quality.

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