Best Sugar Cane Juicer in 2021: Buying Guide

Sugar cane juice is not very popular here, as it is in Africa, Asia, and South America. As a result, sugar cane juicers have been quite rare in this part of the world for a long time. It is therefore difficult to identify the best brands because the extractors are still alien to us. However, the sugar cane craze has already caught up with us, and consequently, a large array of sugar cane juice extractors are in the market today. What led to this sudden shift in favor of sugar cane juice consumption? The health benefits the juice has on our bodies. It is also a healthier alternative to the unhealthy sweeteners and carbonated drinks.

Best Sugar Cane Juicer

So you have decided to join the bandwagon, and you feel you need some cane juice in your system. There are two ways you can enjoy this sweet sap. The first alternative is to use the natural approach by chewing the cane as they do it in Africa, which is very strenuous. The second alternative is to purchase an extractor and enjoy the juice at the comfort of your glass. The second alternative is the best. Here is a buying guide that will get you the best sugar cane juicer.

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How does a sugar cane juicer work?

A sugar cane juicer extracts juice from the canes by simply squeezing out the sap. Sugar canes are fed into the extractor and are then passed through rollers, which squeeze the juice out. The juice is then released through a tap outlet, while the roughages are expelled via another outlet.

Should I go for a manual or motor powered juicer?

These juice extractors are divided into two, manual and motor operated juicers. Manual juicers have the benefit of being economical since they require nothing but your physical input. The only problem with manual juicers is that they are dependent on human strength and will only produce as much juice as your strength allows it. Motor operated juicers are more convenient, as they are either run by either electricity or gas fuel.

Best Sugar Cane Juicer Press Machine Reviews

Motor operated juicers can run for as long as there is power/fuel to run them and can produce a large amount of juice. Electric operated juicers are more reliable than gas fuel juicers because electricity is more accessible than fuel. It should be noted however that there are additional power/fuel costs involved with these juicers. Furthermore, motor operated juicers cost far much more than manual juicers. So, if you are operating on a tight budget, then a manual extractor is not a bad choice.

Should I consider the number of rollers in the extractor?

Let us put it aptly, the more the number of rollers in the extractor, the better the ability to harvest more juice. The average extractor will have three rollers, while the best brands have up to six rollers.

Unfortunately, more rollers equate to a higher price. If money is an issue, then a juicer with three rollers is not a bad choice and will still get the work done. Another factor to consider is the layout design of the rollers. They should be aligned in such a way that the canes have to pass through all of them for added efficiency.

Best Sugar Cane Juicers For Making Sweet Juice Easy

Are juicers made for different functions and purposes?

Like all other extractors, cane juicers are constructed for either household or commercial purposes. You should factor in the job you intend to do with it, before deciding which juicer to purchase.

Household juicers are smaller and have a lower output, while commercial juicers are large, very powerful and can keep up with the large demand of customers. Switching one over the other could be a recipe for potential disaster. For instance, using a household juicer in a commercial setting cannot adequately meet the consumer threshold; while a commercial juicer in a house setting could lead to over-production, wastages and uneconomical use of power.

What type of design and construction should I look out for?

A good juicer should be constructed from sturdy and durable materials to be able to crush the hard canes. Most of them are constructed from stainless steel, which is a great choice due to its strength and non-reactive properties. It is highly unlikely that you will encounter juicers made from other materials, other than metallic ones.

Get a Durable & Sturdy Sugarcane Juicer Machine

However, not all metal is good metal. You have to understand that you will be consuming juice directly from the juicer. There will be no purification processes done on the juice. You should look for a juicer that does not rust, leach metallic components or reacts chemically with water or the cane.

What about maintenance?

You should go for a juicing unit that is easy to maintain. It should be easy to assemble and disassemble for routine cleaning of the feeder and rollers and also oiling of the sprockets and chains. This is a particularly important factor because sugar cane juice is sticky and can form a habitat for bacteria if the unit is not cleaned properly.

The juicer is supposed to be cleaned, as soon as the juicing process is over to avoid sticky mess inside. Rollers, on the other hand, have to be changed after several months. The duration differs, but most manufacturers require the rollers to be changed after every six months. Go through the unit’s manual for proper maintenance requirements.

Commercial Sugar Cane Juice Extractor Machines

Sugar Cane Juicer | Bestseller

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