Best Single Cup Coffee Maker Grinder in 2021: Buyer’s Guide

If you are a real coffee lover, you would agree to the fact that the best single cup coffee maker grinder is a better option as compared to a mere coffee machine. When it comes to swift operation, you just have to pour in the coffee beans and leave the rest for this machine. This saves you the hassle of grinding your beans separately. For the real coffee aficionado, this guide will help you to buy the best single cup coffee maker grinder.

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The Best Single Cup Coffee Maker Grinder Buyer’s Guide


When shopping for a single cup coffee maker grinder, it is imperative that this machine should have a decent capacity. If you are buying it for a single person, you can go for a smaller sized model, however, if it is going to serve a number of people go for the machine with a larger capacity.

Blade vs. Burr Grinders

The blade grinders make use of the blade for grinding the coffee beans while the burr grinders make use of the abrasive surfaces to grind the beans. Most burr grinders are flat in shape, although there are some models that are conical in shape. In order to achieve a uniform grind, burr grinders are the preferred option as they tend to give better results than the blade grinders.

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker Grinder

Carafe Type

There are two types of carafes: glass and thermal carafes. The glass carafe is made of glass while thermal carafes are made of insulated stainless steel. Glass carafes are best suited for individuals who require precision. They lose heat fast; this is why they are ideal for volume or fast coffee drinkers. There is a vacuum inside thermal carafes which helps to prevent heat loss; this is why they are ideal for those who intend to keep their coffee warm for an extended period of time.


A single cup of coffee maker grinder that is programmable delivers you a fresh cup of coffee without a lot of effort. All you have to do is pre-set it, and the machine will do the rest. This feature is especially useful for those coffee lovers who love to wake up with the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee.

Auto-Shut Off

Buying a coffee maker with auto-shut off function is essential to avoid burning the coffee and also to preserve power. This is ideal for those who often walk away after turning their machines on. The automatic feature works in such a way that once the coffee is brewed it turns itself off and the coffee will stay warm even after the machine has been turned off.

Considering the counter space in your kitchen, a decent single cup coffee maker grinder should be compact enough and not take too much space. This machine is usually bigger when compared to an ordinary coffee maker, so size should play a big role in the selection process.

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A coffee maker that comes with an inbuilt filter basket would go a long way in saving its owner from extra spending on the paper filter. Machines with filters are usually easier to clean than those without this feature.

This feature allows a user to adjust the coffee’s intensity to personal taste and it is possible to choose from hard to soft coffee, and the machine will grind accordingly.

Warming Tray

If you are desirous of keeping your coffee warm for several hours after brewing, a warming tray is an essential part of your coffee maker. It helps to keep your coffee at a constant temperature thereby preventing it from cooling down too rapidly.

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An expensive machine doesn’t always translate to the best machines; this is because some coffee makers only sell brand names and do not have good features. It is possible to buy a cheap machine that will perform better than an expensive one.


A good warranty is important in a number of ways, apart from the assurance of the quality of their purchase it also means a faulty machine can be replaced within this period. This is why a lot of people opt for the best single cup coffee maker grinder with a few years warranty.

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Final Words

Getting a single cup coffee maker grinder can be a great way to up your coffee game as you do not need to purchase coffee grinders separately and you can enjoy a delicious cup of your coffee because they will be made freshly ground beans. It is also important to be aware of your customization needs, your budget, and the kind of drinks you plan on making before buying this machine.

Single Cup Coffee Maker Grinder | Bestseller

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