Best Meat Grinders For Bones On The Market in 2023

When it comes to having pets, most pet owners know that owning a meat grinder is a must. Feeding your pets healthy, ground bones is a great way to have them eat healthily. That way, your pet is happy and well-fed. Not all pet owners own a meat grinder. To find out more about what options you have when you don’t own a meat grinder, please continue reading.

If you work at a butcher shop, grinding bones is probably a breeze.  For a lot of other people, this is no easy task. It tends to be a dreary and tiresome job. Some heavy-duty meat grinders are amazing at crushing bones perfectly. How do you know which is the best meat grinder for your next healthy bone meal? There are a few characteristics that you need to look for, including durability, the blades, the grinder’s motor, performance and construction.

We have taken the time and effort to do some research on what the market has to offer when it comes to high-quality meat grinders. Let’s continue.

Best Meat Grinders for Bones

This model has a powerful, air-cooled motor in its construction. The air cooling feature gives this model a long-lasting life. It’s also what sets it apart from other meat grinders. The STX International STX-3000-MF Megaforce meat grinder is the ideal meat grinder for clean, efficient bone grinding. It will fill the needs of most people.

The STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce meat grinder has a food-grade, cast aluminum body. It is also a standard size 12 unit. With its high-quality grinding blades and its superior build, the STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce meat grinder is ideal for everyday use. It also has 304 grade grinding plates to speed up the grinding process. You don’t have to worry about your pet’s next healthy bone meal.

This meat grinder is made with stainless steel, which makes the STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce so powerful. It can process large quantities of meat and bone when you are at home. It is the best meat grinder to use if you plan to grind a large amount of pet food or for hunters grinding down what they have caught.

For those who have a large family, the STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce meat grinder will fly through grinding large pieces. It comes with a size 12 grinding head. This has the ability to go through large quantities of hamburgers, which can be frozen for later use. One good thing about the grinder head is that its construction is made out of one hundred percent food-grade aluminum.

It also includes three cutting plates and three grinding plates. This electric meat grinder has grinding plates made from hardened steel. The cutting blades are made from stainless steel. Its grinding plates have three different sizes: Coarse, fine, and medium. For a more precise grind, you can also match it with a similar size cutting blade.

The STX1800 MG
The STX Magnum 1800 MG series second-generation electric meat grinder has a few multi-purpose features for grinding down meat, bones, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. It is the perfect grinder for those looking for something a little different and more versatile. It also has a faster grinding ability than most meat grinders. This makes it a number one choice for pet owners who prepare their pet food at home.

It includes a large meat pan to facilitate fast grinding. The meat grinder is powerful enough to grind down chicken bones with ease. This meat grinder has an air-cooling system, which keeps the motor from overheating and breaking down. It is a very durable meat grinder that has long-lasting peak performance. Included with this meat grinder is a 300-watt motor that has three different speed options. The first one is high, then you have low, and, finally the reverse option. If you are looking for a great refined form from a meat grinder, this is the meat grinder for you.

The Anbull Meat Grinder Electric
The Anbull Meat grinder electric is a compact commercial meat grinder on the market. It can also take on the role of stuffing sausage. Powered by a 1000-watt motor, you can be sure that it can go through large quantities of chicken or other wild and domestic meat. This ensures that it maintains a fast and efficient process without losing any quality.

This meat grinder has a lot of value thanks to its sausage stuffing funnels. You can avoid having to buy more equipment, which is especially nice if you don’t have extra space. It also features an air cooling system, so you can be sure that it will last a long time.

The Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Meat Grinder
You shouldn’t overlook the Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Meat Grinder if you are looking for a reliable brand of meat grinder. Its long-term performance and budget-friendly price are what make this meat grinder so attractive. It is also ideal for pet owners when it comes to preparing their pet food on a daily basis.

The Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder has a noiseless grinding function as well as a powerful motor. This meat grinder can handle about one hundred and ninety-five pounds of meat per hour and also grinds bones with ease. To match its high-speed grinding capacity this meat grinder also includes a large meat tray.

It is safe for regular use, as it has an ETL certification. It offers coarse, medium and fine grinding variations that are achieved with its three stainless steel plates.

The Gourmia GMG525 Meat Grinder
The Gourmia GMG525 meat grinder is one of those high-quality meat grinders for those who have a large family and multiple pets to feed. It combines quality and functionality with a powerful motor to help you grind bones and meat. With its stainless steel gears, three different-sized cutting blades and removable head grinder you will have no problem grinding your food for your pets and family. This meat grinder also includes a time delay switch and a reverse switch that act as safety features. Its safety is backed up by an ETL certification.

These amazing smart features guarantee that you will easily be able to make sausage, mince and bone meal. With its fast assembly, the grinding process is quick and efficient. Your family and pets will be extremely happy knowing you can create delicious and nutritious bone meals.

The Aobosi Electric Meat Grinder
This affordable top-rated appliance is a great buy. The Aobosi Electric Meat Grinder allow you to grind bones and mincemeat for your pets and family with ease. This meat grinder has you covered when it comes to grinding large quantities of meat and soft bones.

The Aobosi Electric Meat Grinder will last for years, as it is of sturdy construction with metal gears. The meat grinder includes different accessories such as a ‘Kubbe’ attachment, one food pusher, three stainless steel cutting blades, and three different sizes of sausage tubes. To prevent motor burnout, it also includes a circuit breaker and a reverse switch to clear any clogs that might occur.

The LEM Meat Grinder
If you are looking for good value for your money, then the LEM product seventy-five horse-powered meat grinder is the one for you.

Overall, it has a faster grinding time, which gives it a higher rating in the meat grinder market. This meat grinder is less expensive than other budget-friendly meat grinders. The motor included works phenomenally well for its value. You can bet that the LEM’s ‘Big Bite’ meat grinder is the best choice for you. Once again, it is a meat grinder that can handle large quantities of meat and bones. It also has safety features like a circuit breaker to avoid any overheating. The meat grinder is designed with a sleek stainless steel housing as well.

The Kitchener Heavy-Duty #12 Electric 2/3 Horse Powered Meat Grinder
When it comes to the Kitchener #12 Heavy-Duty Electric 2/3 HP Meat Grinder, you will notice it comes with antimicrobial properties to make for smooth, fine-grinding minced bone meal. The infinite perks for home-based cooking is what makes the Kitchener #12 Heavy-Duty Electric 2/3 HP meat grinder premium grade.

Grinding everything from vegetables, meat and bones, this meat grinder can also make sausage at home for a natural taste. It is yet another meat grinder that includes a powerful motor for grinding bones down with no problem. The manufacturers added three speed options to enhance each grinding experience.

Meat Grinder Attachment-The KitchenAid Mixer
If you want to add more versatility to your meat grinder, look no further because the KitchenAid mixer is exactly what you are looking for. When you are looking for something suitable for bones, this attachment might be your best option. This is more than a typical meat grinder. You can use it to get a coarse grinding plate for soft bones vegetables and dried fruits.

This attachment is durable, flexible and very affordable, making this grinder a triple threat in the meat grinder market.  It is also made with food-grade material that will make your next meal healthy and fresh.

The Panasonic MK-G20NR Meat Grinder
When using a Panasonic MK-G20NR meat grinder you can bet it is perfect for regular daily use. This machine is popular when it comes to making your pet’s next meal. For a lot of hunters, this meat grinder is also ideal when mincing a large amount of venison.

To ensure faster-grinding speed, the Panasonic MK-G20NR Meat Grinder is equipped with a powerful one hundred and eighty-watt motor. It also includes a circuit breaker to prevent premature motor burn-out. Japanese technology is what most pet owners trust to make sure it meets their needs. It is made out of long-lasting metal, so it will last for many years. It grinds through chicken bones like nothing, keeping your pet happy. The Panasonic MK-G20NR Meat Grinder will have a special place for your family and pets from the moment you start to use it.

Electric Meat Grinder Cuisinart MG-100
This awesome Cuisinart MG-100 Electric Meat Grinder will meet all your needs. It is also budget-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about it burning a hole in your wallet. This meat grinder specializes in grinding large amounts of meat, but it can also make pet food by grinding down soft bones for bone meal.

Its beautiful sleek construction can enhance the decor of your kitchen. The Cuisinart MG-100 Electric Meat Grinder features a brushed stainless steel housing. It also includes a powerful motor and a die-cast metal hopper.

For your convenience, the  Cuisinart MG-100 Electric Meat Grinder also includes two cutting blades and two sausage attachments. It is very easy to use and features a reverse option for safety reasons. Depending on your pet’s need, it does have medium and coarse blades that offer a range of options for grinding bones.

What Is The Benefit of  Investing On a Meat Grinder For Bones? From The Buyers Guide
When it comes to your furry friends, having a high-quality meat grinder to prepare their meals is a must. One of the best ways to feed your furry ones is the “Bones and Raw Food” diet. It is a top nutrition plan for dogs. Since dogs basically started as wild animals, they were used to eating raw and nutrient-dense foods in the wild. It is ideal that you keep your pet on something of a similar diet to maintain that nutrition and with your meat grinder this is possible. Using your grinder is an easy, cost-effective alternative for preparing your pet’s next healthy meal. Believe it or not, meat grinders can also make a bone meal to use as fertilizer or nutritional supplements for other animals.

Things To Look Out For When Purchasing a Meat Grinder For Bones.
Continue to read to find out:

Let’s see what is the difference
As you can imagine, the most expensive grinder will be the most up-to-date machine on the market. In the industry of grinders, it comes down to preference between manually grinding the meat and having the machine do all the work for you. The main difference between the equipment is that one will be smaller, usually the one which is handled manually. While an electronic grinder might come in a variety of sizes, this still leads to the question, which to use. If there is space in your kitchen to spare, go with the top choice, however, that does not mean that smaller is necessarily a bad thing either.

Electric is better
Grinders tend to be better when they are more modern, meaning electronically powered. Electric-powered meat grinders will spend less time trying to get the perfect consistency for the meat. However, looking at this from a business perspective, you want to take into account the amount of bones the grinder will have to process. If the estimated amount of meat is more than the amount of bone, then a bigger grinder is unnecessary. However, if you predict that there may be a time in which more bone may need to be accounted for then you may need a bigger grinder to account for the work that it will require.

Does it matter the size?
You always need to take into account the product that your business is going to sell. Do you predict that there may be a time in which there may be more bones or is the meat that you are using boneless. Depending on this information, the size will not matter. However, if you find yourself wondering if you have the right tool due to its size and the amount of work your business generates, or perhaps just how often you use the grinder at home, then you can determine the proper size that you may need for daily and professional use.

Just how much can we grind?
This is the question many may ask. Is the size correct? In the end, it is really not the size that matters, rather how much can the grinder itself generate for you and your guests. If you plan to host large parties, or just have a big family to feed, then a larger grinder is the perfect fit for you. Remember, though, just because it may be bigger does not mean it is better. Rather, the amount that it is able to process will help ensure more food gets delivered out to the appropriate amount of guests.

Will it be hard to lift?
Next thing to consider, will you require the help of others to move this particular instrument around the kitchen or are you relying solely on what you are able to carry? Currently, this is another factor that comes up in today’s market, as weight can be a safety issue. If you plan to use your grinder on a more mobile basis, then it would be smart to invest in one that is just as good as one that is stationary, due to its size and capacity. It is always important to consider that size and capacity are everything when it comes to cooking.

How long will it last?
That is the real question, isn’t it? Just how long will these instruments last? The money spent, the materials used, how sure of the value is where it belongs. This is also why it is important to research your instruments, for the kitchen or general daily life. If there is one thing that you always want to look out for, it is whether there is a feature that will help with any potential issues that may arise with the grinder itself.

Be Careful!
It is important to always remember to be careful, even if it is around machines you are used to or familiar with on a daily basis. This is especially true for a machine like this, in which any small incident can lead to much bigger problems than one would want.

What does it have?
Like many other processors, there will be different features and different grinding options for each particular grinder. This is also a factor when it comes to the size of the grinder that you have purchased.

Here are some ideas
The easier it is to grind, the better. Generally, the less bone it has the better. When you are getting the food ready, be sure to have in mind just who you are feeding. It can be for the family, friends or even for pets. Remember to consider them and safety when you decide what is safe or not to put into the grinder itself.

A really good tip:
If you keep your meat with the bone in for several days, preferably more than 5 but less than 7 than it can help when you grind them through the processor.

Lets answer your questions now:

Are there many models to choose from?
Yes, it all comes down to how much do you prepare, how often do you use it and for how many people. If you do not need to spend that much, than don’t. Having the most expensive grinder does not make it the best.

Can you put it through a machine to be washed?
Simple answer, just like your dishes, this too can be washed with ease.

Yes, this is a common question, but yes the size can matter because of the blades that come with it. Again, this comes down to what manner of use it is for, professional or personal.

Researching your grinders is important, as there are many options. Some grinders have problems and there are some that seem to be perfect. Just be sure to follow the instructions to take care and properly clean your machine after each use, as well as which one will be the easiest to put together if need be.

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