Best Hamburger Presses in 2021: Buying Guide

If you enjoy making delicious hamburgers – and since you’re reading this buying guide, you most likely do – then owning a great hamburger press is almost a necessity, in many ways. With a good hamburger press, the entire process of making a delicious hamburger is streamlined and sped up immensely. Things are so much easier and so much more efficient, with a great hamburger press, and that is why, in today’s buying guide, we’re going to be taking a look at hamburger presses, and diving deep into the myriad of different things that comprise a great hamburger press that will be able to make the burgers that you love to eat!

Here’s the thing, though, we’re not going to be taking a look at any specific hamburger press, because there are quite a few hamburger presses that are absolutely fantastic, and we simply don’t have enough space to mention all of them, or to discuss why they are so good.

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Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press With Patty...
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So, instead of doing that, we’re going to be looking at the individual qualities, features, and attributes that comprise the best hamburger presses. You can then use all of this information that we’re providing to find an amazing hamburger press for yourself, and this hamburger press will allow you to make your burgers the exact way that you want to make them, ensuring that they taste absolutely delicious.

However, before we can actually dive into the specific qualities and traits that comprise a great hamburger press, and what it is that you need to keep an eye out for when searching for a great hamburger press, we’re going to define what a hamburger press actually is, and what the underlying purpose behind a hamburger press is. That way, you’ll understand what all of these qualities and traits are aligned with.

What is A Hamburger Press?

A hamburger press is an incredibly simple device. To use a hamburger press, you simply put the meat that you intend to turn into a burger – this can be meat such as chicken, beef, turkey, as well as other types of meat – and then you press down on the meat that you put into the hamburger press. By pressing down on this meat, you turn it into a patty, and you can then cook this patty on the stove and then, once it has been cooked, put it in a bun.

People love hamburger presses because they take the process of molding and sculpting the meat so that it is in the shape of the patty, and they make that entire process so much quicker and so much more efficient. With the shape of a perfectly round and even patty, you can then just toss it onto the stove, cook it in a quick amount of time, and then that’s it!

Ultimately, hamburger presses are fantastic because they are exceptionally convenient devices. While they may not have the most elaborate functionality, they are convenient, and that is the sole purpose that they serve.

What Do I Need To Look For And Consider?

Let’s get this out of the way. Hamburger presses are very simple devices. There really isn’t a lot to them. In fact, there’s barely anything to them, at all, because the purpose that they actually serve is so simple and so basic, that you really don’t need to look for or consider a lot, when searching for a really great hamburger press.

That being said, there are still a number of factors you’ll need to think about, and these factors, while small and somewhat miniscule and unimportant, will affect your experience with the hamburger press.

Is The Hamburger Press Non-Stick?

When you’re looking at hamburger presses, you’ll notice that there are hamburger presses that are non-stick, and hamburger presses that are stick – although, they tend not to advertise that particular feature.

As a general rule, when buying a hamburger press, you want to find one that is non-stick. The reason for this is because a non-stick hamburger press makes it a lot easier for you to actually take the burger off of the hamburger press, after you have pressed down on it. This is because, as the title would indicate, a non-stick hamburger press means that the patty doesn’t stick to the hamburger press. If it does stick to the hamburger press, it takes a little more effort to properly remove it, because it’s very easy for the patty to stick to the hamburger press, and then, as you try to remove it, it begins to fall apart, so you need to repeat the entire process.

For hamburgers made of material that is specifically non-stick, aluminum is quite popular, in that regard. Most of the aluminum hamburger presses are non-stick. But, there are plenty of other hamburger presses with different materials, that are non-stick.

How Many Presses Does The Hamburger Press Have?

Most hamburger presses come with a single press. This press is for a single burger, and these are by far the cheapest, and most popular models that you can find.

However, they definitely aren’t the only type of hamburger press that is available, and it’s easy to find hamburger presses that are designed for more than one patty. With these hamburger presses, there is another hamburger press – sometimes three or four, and even more – attached to the main hamburger press.

If you are a chef, or someone who enjoys cooking burgers quickly and efficiently, than spending the extra money – there won’t be a huge difference in price, usually – for a hamburger press with multiple presses is a great choice.

Can You Adjust The Thickness Of The Patty?

Today, more and more hamburger presses are giving you a variety of different settings that enable you to adjust the patty in a variety of ways, so that you are able to make the hamburgers that you, specifically, want to eat. In the past, most hamburger presses really didn’t offer that much in the way of customization, but today, they do.

One of the biggest features that you will find on a lot of hamburger presses today is that of being able to adjust the thickness of the patty. Now, this is a very useful feature, because some people enjoy eating patties that are a bit more thin – or they want to cook thinner patties to save money – and some people enjoy eating patties that are a bit thicker.

When buying a hamburger press, it’s good to buy a hamburger press that lets you adjust the overall thickness of the patty.

What Kinds Of Meat Is It Designed To Press, Specifically?

Every hamburger press is going to be able to press things like turkey and beef and chicken, but many hamburger presses are also designed to press down other types of meat, as well. And, some of them do a better job pressing down certain types of meat, then they do pressing down other types of meat.

If you enjoy pressing down meat, such as venison, then it’s best to find a hamburger press that has been designed with that particular type of meat in mind, as well as various other types of meat, so that you will actually be able to press it down and to turn it into a good burger.

What Type Of Material Is It Made Out Of?

Earlier, we talked about the importance of purchasing a non-stick hamburger press. We also mentioned that most aluminum hamburger presses have non-stick coating on them, and that is very useful.

However, many other hamburger presses, made of different types of material, also have non-stick coating. And, when looking at different hamburger presses, you’ll find presses with material such as aluminum, stainless steel, and several other types of metal.

The reason we didn’t mention any others, though, is the fact that aluminum and stainless steel are by far the best material for a hamburger press to be made out of. They are the strongest and most durable materials, and they won’t decay on you, after a short period of time.

However, they are a little more expensive than some of the plastic ones, but the price isn’t that different, and since hamburger presses are already very inexpensive.

Is It BPA-Free?

The word “BPA” stands for “Bisphenol-A”, and this is a chemical that is used in all kinds of plastic products. It’s very popular, and cheap, but it’s also quite dangerous, and can have a nasty effect on your health.

When you buy a hamburger press, make sure it’s BPA-free, because that is the healthiest choice. Fortunately, though, almost all of the newer hamburger presses are BPA-free.


Hamburger presses are very simple devices. There isn’t much to them, at all, and that’s definitely not a bad thing, since there is a lot of value in simplicity and conciseness.

Keep the considerations we’ve mentioned in mind, and consider them when searching for a good hamburger press. By doing that, you ensure you will have a great experience with the hamburger press, and cooking your delicious hamburgers!

Hamburger Press | Bestseller

Bestseller No. 1
Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press With Patty...
Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press With Patty...
Press your favorite ground meat & seasonings into consistent, perfectly packed burgers; Spring plunger button compacts the patty tightly then pops back for quick patty removal

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