Best Belgian Waffle Makers with Removable Plates in 2021

Waffles are a great way to start the day. Covered in butter and maple syrup, the sweet, crispy taste of Belgian waffles keep us looking forward to our breakfast every day. While waffles keep us happy, cleaning the waffle makers takes away all the happiness. It is really hard and frustrating to get to the bottom of the grates to scrub off the batter. Cleaning waffle iron requires patience and perseverance, two things that most people do not have nowadays. Luckily, manufacturers are now coming up with waffle makers with removal plates.

Best Belgian Waffle Makers with Removable Plates

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Why you need a waffle maker with removable plates

For the simple reason of easy cleaning. Scrubbing the waffle maker using either a scrub brush or a sponge is quite a task considering the fact that the grates have tine spaces between them. Removable plates are therefore far much easier to clean than permanent plates. You can soak them in soapy water and wash them manually if you have the time. Alternatively, you can just put them in a dishwasher and let the machine do its magic since the plates are dishwasher safe. Also, the removal plates are interchangeable.

Are waffle makers with removal plates better than normal waffle makers?

In terms of cleaning? Yes. When it comes to making waffles, there isn’t much difference between the two. However, flip waffle makers have a slight edge over normal waffle makers, because of their ability to distribute batter and heat evenly.

Best Belgian Waffle Maker

How does a flip waffle maker work?

A flip waffle maker works like all the other waffle makers. However, it has an added rotating feature, which allows it to spin up and down. The good thing about a flip waffle maker is that it allows a batter to spread well and evenly throughout the plates, resulting in the proper cooking of the waffle. It also reduces chances of the waffle having burned spots, and soft or raw half cooked parts.

What are waffle grids, grates or plates?

Waffle plates/grates/grids make the inside of the waffle iron, and it is the area where the batter is poured into. It heats up and bakes the waffle. They are classified as either removable or permanent. Waffle plates are usually made from ceramic, aluminum, titanium, Teflon and copper. Most people prefer ceramic waffle makers because they are easier to clean and are made from the safe material.

Belgian Waffle Makers with Removable Plates

As of now, however, there are no waffle makers with ceramic removal plates. This does mean however that the other waffle makers are not up to quality standards. What most people are concerned about is the non-sticking coating made from Teflon. At extremely high temperatures, Teflon releases toxic fumes of Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA). PFOA poses health risks to birds and result in flu-like symptoms of humans. So, if you are in need of a Teflon-free waffle maker, then look for plates made out of cast iron, ceramic and coated metal.

How many waffles can I make with a flip waffle maker?

It all depends on the type of the appliance. There are single and double-sided flip waffle makers. Single waffle makers may produce four slices of waffles at a time, while double-sided waffle makers may make four slices of waffles in each plate. For larger families, consider purchasing a waffle maker with a large diameter, as it produces larger waffles. For instance, rectangular shaped waffles of Belgian descent are usually larger than American pie shaped waffles. Alternatively, you may opt for waffle makers that produce full-size waffles, as they are generally larger.

Best Belgian Waffle Maker

Are there other meals I can prepare with a waffle maker?

Most waffle makers are designed to make waffles only. Some people claim to use them to prepare eggs and bacon, but these are just improvisations. However, some waffle makers with removable plates also come with pancake makers. Others come with flat grills that enable them to cook various dishes like bacon and eggs.

Which other features should I look forward to?

Another feature that you should consider when looking for the right waffle maker is the adjustable temperature control. This will allow you to cook the type of waffles you want. You may bake the crispy golden ones under high temperatures, or you may opt for the soft and slightly brown ones that are baked under low and moderate temperatures. The right waffle maker should also have a light indicator or audible bleep indicators to inform you when the appliance is on when it is heated and ready for batter and when the waffle is ready.

Waffle Makers with Removable Plates

Belgian Waffle Maker | Bestseller

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