Are Hydroflasks Worth It?

Maybe it’s because of the all for people to start caring for the environment. Or maybe it’s because these things have become more fashionable these days because it’s a symbol that shows that you actually care for the environment. Then again, maybe it’s because you feel that it can keep your drink warm as you brave the cold weather during the winter season. Whatever the reason may be, many people now use that insulated drink container otherwise known as the Hydro Flask.
If you do carry an insulated bottle from another brand, do you end up disappointed after drinking and finding out that really hasn’t managed to meet up to your expectations? You’ve obviously bought that insulated bottle thinking that it could do a good job in maintaining your beverage’s temperature. Was it able to do so? Did you pay a lot for that bottle just to end up with regrets?
Why have Hydro Flasks suddenly become popular these days? What has made it so special in the eyes of many consumers?

How did the Hydro Flask gain this much popularity?
How was the Hydro Flask first created? This container actually had its humble beginning in Bend, Oregon. It was started by a couple who suddenly who was into an outdoorsy lifestyle but who regretted the fact that they had to always deal with lukewarm water during their time spent outdoors. Being always on the go, they decided to use the design of insulated, double-walled containers designed by the Thermos company. Using this technology, they added special designs and colors to create bright and cheery bottles that was all about fun. These bottles were meant to attract people who led active lifestyles – people who were always on the go.

The couple managed to initially attract individuals who were pretty much into adventurous and active lifestyles. These individuals were pretty much like the inventors of the Hydro Flask – cool and outdoor types of individuals. Soon after though, these bottles began to attract millenials as part of their growing customer base.
Recently, calls for environmental protection have been growing stronger. Concerns about the effect of plastic as being a potential hazard have also caused additional worry and doubts in individuals trying to lead healthy lifestyles. These concern have led to a decrease in the popularity of plastic bottles – even BPA-free ones – as practical containers for daily use. This has inversely led, however, to the popularity of this new brans of drink containers—the Hydro Flask.
There are actually other different known brands for insulated drink containers. Brands like Yeti, S’well, Kleen Kanteen, to name a few, have also gained traction alongside the Hydro Flask. For some unknown reason though, the Hyrdro Flask has led and still continues to lead the pack.
Maybe it was because of their marketing strategy. Or maybe it was because of their design. It could also have been because of the brand itself. It could also have been because of the many posts that you could see and still see on social media that has led to the Hydro Flask craze. No one really knows why. One this is for sure though. Hydro Flask was able to capture the attention of a whole new generation of consumers and it se,s that they won’t be disappearing any time soon.
So what is it exactly that get people to like and even praise the Hydro Flask? When a product is said to make life easier and more convenient, chances are people will get attracted to a certain product. It also helps that the product is considered to be durable and effective. For consumers who are into the ctive lifestyle, Hydro Flask is able to provide all of these as a drink container. Having an active lifestyle means needing to be always on the go. Whether you are the type who likes going out on outdoor adventures, or one whose work requires constant movement, it would really be a bother for you to constantly buy drinks on demand just so you can have a drink that is satisfying when your life is on for that few minutes of pause. This is where the Hydro Flask comes to use because its insulation is able to provide that satisfying drink by keeping it ideal temperatures.
The Hydro Flask comes in a multitude of designs, colors and sizes to choose from. While it was initially designed as a drink container, other sizes are now available to keep even your food at ideal temperatures so you can have a satisfying meal.
As for convenience, it is always easy to bring the Hydro Flask around wherever you go. One of the known features of the Hydro Flask is its FlexCap. The FlexCap is designed to move in every direction you would want to move your bottle. It can practically adjust to your hand movements, minimizing the chances for you to drop your bottle. Its exterior also features a non-slip surface so your bottle doesn’t easily escape your grasp, especially when you are in the middle of enjoying your drink.
When it comes to designs, the HydroFlask is definitely not lacking. Hydro Flasks, besides having limited edition designs, can be customized. You can choose to combine colors that are to your liking, as well as designs so that you can come up with your very own, one-of-a-kind Hydro Flask. With over 180,000 designs to choose from, you definitely run out of creative ideas.
The best part of buying a Hydro Flask is its lifetime guarantee. If you start to notice a leak in your Hydro Flask, or if you notice that it no longer is able to hold your food or drink’s temperature, you can easily have your Hydro Flask replaced.
Take note though that the lifetime warrantee is limited to the bottle itself. The cooler bags and bottle slings come with a separate 5-year warranty which, n fact, isn’t all too bad either.

Are Hydro Flasks worth the price you pay for?
Hydro Flasks, as compared to other generic and unbranded insulated bottles, turn out to be more expensive. Despite this, people are still willing to shed a few extra bucks for a Hydro Flask? Is this bottle though really worth the price? Comparative tests between the Hydro Flask and another unknown insulated were done using two different conditions. Although these tests are non-scientific, they may provide you some insight as to how good the Hydro Flask really is.

Situation 1: Leaving both bottles under the sun at a temperature of 97 degrees fahrenheit.
The Hydro Flask and unbranded insulated bottle were filled with cold water and left to stand under the sun at an outside temperature of 97 degrees fahrenheit. After an hour, the temperature of the water inside both bottles were checked. It was noticed that even though both bottles managed to keep the water cool, the one inside the unbranded bottle seemed to be a bit cooler than the water in the Hydro Flask. The water in the Hydro Flask seemed to have warmed up a bit.

Situation 2: Leaving the two bottles overnight in a car parked outside for 20 hours
The two bottles were again filled with cold water and were left inside a car for 20 hours. The outside temperature at 5 pm was at 95 degrees fahrenheit. The temperature went down during early morning to around 60 to 70 degrees fahrenheit.
When the water inside the bottle was checked, it showed that the water in the Hydro Flask ended up lukewarm. The water in the unbranded bottle kept cool.

Somehow, the two situations clearly showed that the unbranded bottle had better insulation as compared to the Hydro Flask. The coldness of the water was maintained using the unbranded insulated bottle. The Hydro Flask, disappointingly, did not manage to do so.

Final Words

The Hydro Flask may indeed boast of the many designs and colors that it has in its pallet that can bring out the creative side of the consumer. With all it design options, you definitely end up with a bottle that is personalized. However, these same personalization options are also available for unbranded bottles. You can even have a company logo, or your favorite family photo, printed on the bottle. This makes unbranded also ideal as gifts or souvenirs during special occasions.
In terms of insulation, the unbranded bottle outperformed the Hydro Flask.
Overall, what seems to be left as an advantage for the Hydro Flask is its brand.
Although the company continuously innovates in terms of insulation technology, it would be wise for you, as a consumer, to check and compare other brands to the Hydro Flask before making that final purchase, if only to assure yourself of a good buy.

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